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    Looking for Info on Medical Officer

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    Thanks to another member, Mike K, I have obtained a couple of EK 1's belonging to a medical officer named Wilhelm Beck. His shoulder board indicates a rank of Oberstleutnant (or medical equivalent) and these are the decorations he won:

    1914 EK 2

    1914 EK 1

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin Friedrich Franz Cross 2nd Class

    Bremen Hansa Cross

    Turkish Iron Halfmoon

    Turkish Medjidie Medal (?)

    Honor Cross for Combatants

    1939 War Merit Cross 2nd Class without Swords

    1927 Stahlhelm Membership Badge

    Looks like he was also entitled to something Austrian, and as well probably the Austrian and Hungarian WW 1 medals. If anyone can assist with more details on the career of this officer, it would be very welcome.

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    Hi Rick,

    Agreed, he has a ridiculously common name, which is unfortunate. I'm only in possession of his EK 1, as apparently his other awards are scattered to the winds. Looks like he was an Unteroffizier in the first war, possibly a Sanitaeter. All this information comes second hand from the seller, so pretty sketchy.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Unfortunately, TOO sketchy without images. There were Prussian Dr Becks, W?rttemberg Dr. Becks-- and I assumed from your mention of "shoulder board" that you had some insignia (different for those two) or photo, which might have helped.

    Getting the rank wrong adds numerous ADDITIONAL possible Dr Becks.

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    All I had was a photo of his WW 2 shoulder board, with one pip on the braid, medical insignia and pink piping. Not alot to go on, I realize.

    No, he was not medical. He was Veterinary Corps - animal doctor. His WW2 boards were carmine with the vet "snake only" device - correct rank term was Oberfeldveterinaer (Oberstleutnant equivalent).



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    Guest Rick Research

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that is COMPLETELY different!

    THAT is why exact correct information is important!!!!


    there was only ONE. :catjava:

    Veterin?r 20 February 1912, Garde Dragoon Rgt 1 in 1912, with supplement in back of the 1912 Rank List indicating that he received his Dr.vet. that year

    In 1913 to Mecklenburg Dragoon Regiment 17, and shown in the Honor Rank List as Stabsveterin?r aD ( = Captain).

    Not recalled to the Wehrmacht as an (E) retread before 1939.

    I have nothing for WW1 veterinarians showing promotions etc.

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    Slight complication in the fact that at least another Beck was commissioned as a regular veterinary officer in 1915. Firstly Rick's Dragoon 17 Dr. Beck.

    Posted to Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 17 on 19 November 1912 and promoted to Oberveterin?r on 22 March 1915.

    An Unterveterin?r Beck was commissioned into Artillerie.Regiment Nr. 67 as a regular Veterin?r on 24 March 1915.



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    Guest Rick Research


    Based on zero remaining documentation, the Mecklenburg one seems the most likely suspect from wherever the listing of now gone awards came from.

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