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    Kriegsmarine propaganda companies

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    Here is a bit of info for you Nesredep

    Marinepropagandaabteilung West (Paris)


    Kpt.z.S. Hinsch (Karl)08.40 - 04.43

    KKpt. Giese (Fritz)04.43 - 10.43

    KKpt. Dr. F?rer10.43 - 09.44

    Marinepropagandaabteilung S?dost (Sofia)


    KKpt. Giese 02.41 - 04.43

    KKpt. Stolzmann (Hans)04.43 - 07.44

    Marinepropagandaabteilung Nord (Wilhelmshaven)


    KKpt. Hoefer (Karl-Heinz)03.40 - 06.43

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    Wehrmacht war reporters wore cuff titles with the legend "Kriegsberichter" and, in the case of the Waffen-SS, "SS-Kriegsberichter" and "Kurt Eggers". These cuff titles conformed to branch-of-service dress regulations. The Heer "Kriegsberichter" cuff title is extremely rare and not often seen in photographs. One sees the Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe type more frequently. I am not even convinced that the Kriegsmarine had such a cuff title; I have seen KM KB cuff titles that were clearly postwar fabrications but have never seen one I felt was wartime and nor do I recall ever seeing one worn in a wartime photograph. The chap to ask, I think, would be a KM student and collectorw like Gordon Williamson. Otherwise, propaganda-kompanie war reporters simply wore normal uniforms.


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    Pity I hadn't known about your request before I went to Germany last week. Whilst going through the U-Boat photo albums at the Archiv I saw dozens of photos of Marine Kriegsberichter on U-Boats or interviewing U-Boat crews on land. After the war some Kriegsberichter donated their entire photo collections to the Archiv.

    As Prosper has correctly stated, the majority wore absolutely normal KM uniform with no special insignia. The small anchor on the collar patch indicates specialists (Sonderf?hrer), some of whom acted as Kriegsberichter, but the anchor was only worn by specialists, not by normal Kriegsberichter.

    I have only ever seen one Kriegsberichter cuffband for the navy. This was in a very nice grouping that Thomas Huss sold. Unfortunately there was no photograph proof to establish that it had actually been worn.

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    Interesting to hear of the KM version in the group offered by Huss. It is entirely logical that the KM would have had their own version but given the paucity, for instance, of photos of KM sailors serving in North Africa wearing the KM "Afrika" service cuff title, sailors do not seem to have worn cuff titles much at all. In fact, I cannot even recall any photos showing sailors with campaign bands like "Kreta" and "Afrika". Not that I have studied the KM in any great detail but this thread has prompted some thoughts thereon.

    Not KM, I know, but it's a wonderful shot from the viewpoint of anyone interested in KB. This shows some KB of the Fallschirm-Propaganda-Kompanie being interviewed just after receiving their jump badge documents. The paratrooper on the left wears the Luftwaffe other ranks pattern "Kriegsberichter der Luftwaffe" cuff title, as does the Junior NCO interviewing the leutnant with the early side-lacing jumpboots. The officer pattern KBdLW cuff title can be seen on the tunic of the officer on the right and the leutnant wears one on his fliegerbluse in other photos from the same series.

    Kriegsmarine KB cuff titles would presumably have followed LW practice, with plain embroidered types for other ranks and wire embroidered, bordered types for officers. One thing I have not seem, however, is an NCO's pattern KBdLW cuff title with cotton or rayon "Russia braid" borders, as per, for instance, Fallschirmj?ger-Rgt and squadron cuff titles. The NCO with the microphone wears an unbordered type.


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    Cracking photo Prosper !! The naval Kriegsberichter cuffband I referred to was definitely not an official issue piece. I am convinced it was period, but locally made by embroidering onto a strip of black ribbon from a cap tally. Whether it was worn or not I seriously doubt. I bought the guys U-Boat Badge, a nice early tombak piece, and Bill Stump bought the cuffband with the guys Wehrpass.

    Here is one of the photos that Thomas sent me at the time of the cuffband.

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    I found this photo,the small anchor on the collar patch?



    Yes, thats the anchor emblem that indicates a Sonderf?hrer. These were people with specific skills who were conscripted for the period of the war to fill particular roles where the navy did not have enough people.

    On the subject of Kriegsberichter, here is an interesting shot. It shows a Marinekriegsberichter Oberleutnant who had undertaken a couple of trips on a U-Boat and thus qualified for the U-Boat badge. Obviously there were no award loops on his tunic so they tucked the pin of the badge into the top of his breast pocket. Note also though, that he must have held the EK1 from WW1, and has also been given the 1939 First Class Bar, also tucked into his pocket !

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    G'day Gentlemen.......an amazing thread. I never knew of the Marine PK armband.......is this an acceptable representation thereof?

    What about other armbands? Or do we just have the cuff titles?

    Drew Chaney - interested in German KRIEGSBERICHTERS

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