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    Sergeant Konstantin Ignatyevich Tretyakov

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    The translation.

    Record card

    Order book No A 853162

    1. Last name: TRETYAKOV

    2. First, middle names: Konstantin Ignatyevich

    3. Military rank: Sergeant in reserve

    4. Sex: Male

    5. Year of birth: 1919

    6. Place of birth: Polesskaya region, Domanovichevsky district, Kryukovichi village

    7. Party membership since: Non- party

    8. Education: Elementary

    9. Nationality: Byelorussian

    10. In the Red Army since: 1939-1946

    11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied when awarded: 1247th rifle regiment, 377th rifle division ? gunner of the heavy machine-gun

    12. Current place of service and position: kolkhoz ?Zorka Byelorussii? ? accounts clerk

    13. Home address of the awardee: Polesskaya region, Domanovichevsky district, Kryukovichi village

    14. Record of previous awards

    Names of orders, medals Their numbers Document numbers Ground for award


    Glory 3rd class 281418 Temp. cert. 916361 - Order to 377th rifle division No 017/ N of April 8, 1945

    For Military Merits 2499028 Temp. cert. 501412 - Order to 1247th rifle division No 026/N of June 9, 1945

    Signature of awardee (signed) ________________________

    Data correctness

    and signature of awardee Acting as Distrcit Military Commissar

    October 2, 1946

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    And the translation:


    1. First, middle and last names Tretyakov Konstantin Ignatyevich

    2. Rank Lance-corporal

    3. Position, unit Machine gunner of the 1st machine-gun company, 1247th rifle regiment, 77th rifle Valginskaya holding order of the Red Banner division.

    Is recommended for the order of Glory, 3d class

    4. Year of birth 1919

    5. Nationality Belorussian

    6. Party membership Non-party

    7. Participation in the civil war and other military actions aimed at the defense of the USSR and in the Patriotic War Leningrad front since December 15, 1943 2nd Pribaltiysky front since 1944

    8. Wounds or contusions received during the Patriotic War Lightly wounded on December 22, 1943

    9. In the Red Army since Since November 20, 1943

    10. Drafted by what district military commissariat Domanovichevsky district military commissariat, Polessky region

    11. Previous awards None

    12. Permanent home address (of the prospective awardee and his family) Polessky region, Dolmanavichevsky district, Kryukovichi village

    I. Brief description of personal feat or merits

    On April 3, 1945, in offensive battle for Tigikes khutor, Tukumskaya volost, Latvian SSR, when fulfilling a combat mission he showed courage and valour. By means of his machine gun he destroyed an enemy?s hand gun and due to his skillful actions forced 2 German soldiers to give themselves up. During an interrogation these soldiers submitted valuable information.

    Deserves to be recommended for the government award, the order of Glory, 3d class.

    Commander of the 1247th rifle regiment.

    Major (signed) /Panychev/

    April 6, 1945

    Awarded with the order of Glory, 3d cl.

    By order to 377th rifle division №017-N of April 8, 1945

    Commander of 377th rifle division

    Major (signed) /???/

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    And the translation.


    to the 1247th Rifle Regiment, 33rd Rifle Valginskaya holding Order of the Red Banner Division

    June 9, 1945 № 026/N Acting Army

    In the name of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Soviet Union, awarded are:


    9. TRETYAKOV Konstantin Ignatyevich, section leader of the 1st machine-gun company, Sergeant, for the attack of enemy trenches and dislodging the enemy in the fights for Irlava of Tukumssky uezd, Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, on May 7, 1945. In this fight, during one day with the help of his gun-machine he destroyed 3 enemy soldiers, stopped the enemy gun-machine fire.

    Born in 1919, Byelorussian, non-party member, in the Red Army since November 20, 1943. Drafted by Domanovichevsky District Military Commissariat, Polesskaya region. Home address: Polesskaya region, Domanovichevsky district, Kryukovichi village. Wife - Tretyakova Yevdokiya Vasilyevna. On December 22, 1943 was lightly wounded. Was awarded with the Order of Glory, 3rd class, Order to the units of 377th Rifle Valginskaya holding Order of the Red Banner Division №017/N of April 8, 1945.

    Commander of the 1247th Rifle Regiment

    Lieutenant Colonel (signed) /Panichev/

    Chief of Staff (signed) /Yud/

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    Another stellar grouping.

    I like the "destroyed the handgun" part. Does this mean that he somehow hit a pistol or submachine gun in a soldier's hands, rendering it inoperable? What are the odds of that?

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    Guest Rick Research

    No-- that is an incorrect translation into English of

    "...ruchnoi pulemet protivnika..."

    Whta it actually says is that with HIS machine gun, he destroyed an "enemy LIGHT machinegun" and captured 9apparently) the two operators.

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