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    Military Hero's Star

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    I have had this one since 1992. I was told that it was a copy that was for everyday wear. It seems to be made of brass with some of the gilt finish remaining.

    Any opinions? I bought it for 70 dollars fifteen years ago. As you can see, it is unnumbered. Regardless, it makes a great filler.



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    The tale about "copies for everyday wear" seems to be the unholy invention of enterprising dealers. There's no evidence that such things ever existed. A nice quality "replica" could go on a uniform, but this one seems pretty "brassy" (or is it the scan?).

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    Guest Rick Research

    I have a similar one adequately filling the relevant original hole in a M1969 air force general's field tunic.

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    Thanks guys,

    Ed- You are right. It is very brassy. Most of the golden finish has worn off.

    Rick- It does make a good filler. I will keep mine for that reason, as there is no way I will ever be able to afford an original at todays prices.

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