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Red Star awarded to Georgian

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Picked this up while in Georgia on vacation almost a year ago and finally got the research (and translation :cheers: ) in.

Nothing "special" compared to most of the other things shown on the forum but it was nice for me to get the "story" behind the award. Also, it was my first research (Soviet awards isn't my main area of collecting) and am happy with the broadness of information research provides.

Still have another red star (in serial range to have been awarded to a Mongolian) awaiting research as well as a Service to Homeland 3rd class order.

I have one question: does the D on the booklet mean the order booklet is a duplicate?

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Nice one, Bob. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for restoring the history.

Now, where is his bravery medal???? :P

I suspect somewhere in Tbilisi on a flea market somewhere (or picked up by another traveller appreciative of atypical countries to go to on vacation - Chuck perhaps? Wishful thinking :rolleyes: )

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:Cat-Scratch: Oh ho.

He may have been RECOMMENDED for THAT Red Star in 1943, and the paperwork may have APPROVED it in 1943, but that is a VERY ODD LATE award that was actually given to him around

1956-58. :speechless1:

The fact that his ARC was filled out 18 December 1957 makes me think THAT is when the Red Star was actually handed over to him. :rolleyes: His Orders Book--without dates filled in for either award-- was made out on 30 December 1957. "D" is the edition series of Orders Book. Check inside the last pages and it should have the year it was printed. It SHOULD be... 1957 as well.

If not...


we have news for that thread. :catjava:

There is something very strange about some Red Stars in the 3,5XX,XXX range. They were apparently held out of the normal issuing sequence and used as strange "fill in" decorations. I haven't got enough data to tweak just how many were involved, but we would EXPECT a number in that range to be from the 30 December 1956 batch of long service awards. Yet some in this range were handed out as late as 1968!

So you've got an oddity, there. :cheers:

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