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I would like to show you guys a absolutely wonderfull image from a glider pilot.

Here we see Uffz. S. proudly wearing some of his hardly earned awards; namely:

* Iron Cross 2 nd. class

* Iron Cross 1 e class

* Lw. Glider pilots badge

* Silver C badge (bullion)

This picture is a very sharp one and only from this picture it is possible to identify wich type of glider pilots badge he is wearing. He is wearing a glide rpilots badge made b the C.E.Juncker company.

He was a World record holder during 1938 in gliding (duration) and won also his SIlver C during that year. (A rare award iff you think of 2.000 known awards untill1944).

He was involved in the "Kreta" mission and did win his both EK's for that single operation. First his EK 2 was awarded after the return in Germany, a few months afterwards the EK 1 was also rendered (with a few months delay but for the very same mission).

He went on in the war and was also later active in the ressupply and evactuation of teh Kuban bridgehead and did also earn the Frontflightclasp Transporters - Bronze grade.

Enjoy this image and hopefully it brings these rare troops (glider forces) a bit more close towards us collectors

Cordial greetings and thanks for looking,

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