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Russian awards. damn them to hell!

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Well, I did it.

After longing to order the research (Over expensive IMHO) of two Russian Orders of Glory.... waiting...waiting....waiting...paying... getting.... putting aside....

Now solidly for two days I have been trying to find the research.....

...and its not there!!!!

I must have tossed it with a pile of paper.

Damnation!!!!! My Russian collecting sideline is over. I am going to clip of the ring and play Kung fu throwing stars with these and never buy anything like these again :-(

Should teach me not to get outside interests. :banger:

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Given what is involved in doing the research (archival research is a lot of work, more so in Tsar Putin's Russia), I see the cost or research as quite reasonable. Just wish the timetables were kinder to finite patience.

Don't desecrate history, please. Let someone else adopt them. (Hint, hint . . . )

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Are those the two I did a pass through in July? All you copied were the citation text sections, not the upperparts with the personal data:

28th June 1944 in combat for RADIN hill, Domanovichsky District, Polessky Province, sprayed light machine gun bursts in the enemy trenches, destroying enemy light machine gunners and repelled 7 enemy counterattacks for an entire day {the word used here denotes a full period of 24 hours}, keeping the flank rifle companies on advance without halting to capture the boundary line. Was wounded in this action, but after dressing did not leave the field of battle. Deserves to be awarded the Order "of Glory 3rd Class."

Commander of 120th Rifles Regiment, Lt.Col. Lyol'kov (29?) July 1944."

I've never seen a citation like this before that never once mentioned the name of the person being decorated!

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your surviving scan fragments have chopped that off:

2nd one--

"No previous awards

Moscow, Novo-Va?.evsky Per., House 13 Apt. 2

Wife Tsherbakov, Maria ?.aevna

Comr. Tscherbakov was present ?. messenger, platoon PSS at time ?. service, showed himself a disciplined, excellent?. His duties, and tireless in action. All dispatches/packages ?.. Comr. Tscherbakov, deserved ? ?. orders/conditions, in (good?) weather, in (good?) countryside. In action/combat for population point (linden?), he obtained decrees/orders, get ?. to commander of staff of the regiment ?? through swamp Comr. Tscherbakov ?. under fire ?. artillery. Suddenly he noticed, that in front/ahead ?. Comrade ? ?. wound ?. in gaps in the shell explosions he crept with them. Wound gave Lieutenant. Arranged/settled with him ?. he ?.. with his officer. ?. ?. him in ? for the time ? officer ? ?.

At time of dispatch/package ?. then/while not ?. on/at ?. fire, that Tscherbakov along/through ? ?. pass/cover more ?. 2 KM. ?. addressee and ?. ?. documents in time.

Comr. Tscherbakov ?. Deserves to be decorated with the state Order ?Glory III. Class.?

Commander of 74th Independent Guards

Company of Signals, Guards Senior Lieutenant Maksimenko

Comr. Tscherbakov deserves to be decorated with the state Order ?Glory III. Class.?

Commander of Signals 48th Guards Rifles K(*) Division

Guards Major Konstantinov?

(*) The ?K? in the division is either for battle honor Krivoi-Rog or for honorary designation as Red Banner division?no way to tell which without seeing stamp.

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"Losing" something that should be in my own Slothful Den From Whence Nothing Ever Moves drives me nuts. Paralytic in fact.

Do some Zen. 2 minutes of 34 years from now, it will turn up, tucked in something completely irrelevant, where you stuck it while reading something else when the phone rang or the kiddo needed something. I have, at least once, found something left behind in the refrigerator freezer. (Laugh now, youngsters... your turns will come!! :speechless1: )

There were probably only 4 pages of xeroxes for these two. I know that in my own decades of xeroxes, I must have 182,349,755,218 yellowing dog-eared pages. To find 4 is hopeless. That's why I took to keeping my returned research in the envelopes I got them back in, to keep everything together.

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You have the POWER to do that, Chris, unlike us Mere Mortals.

Stay with this research. Great stuff. Often frustraing, but fulfilling at the end.

I like the things.... but I prefer the "He killed 50 Krauts with a canopener.." kinda citation ;-)

Some of the Russian ones are great.

1st citation is the medal on the right of this one.

2nd is on the left.

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I almost bought 10 for EUR600 some time ago.... but the price of research would killed me ;-)

And worth every kopek. mate, worth every kopek.

The Glory III (etc.) awards are combat gold, every one of them. Maybe "uniquely" so? Other awards might be, well, flaccid.

And the research is cheap, compared to what the recipients endured (in a good cause)? Don't you own then that much??

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Bah, after almost trading these as unresearched... the research turned up in a drawer... lost for 3 years....

Can anyone tell me the unit? Maybe where they were fighting?




This guy was a Guards Private assigned to the 74th Separate Guards Commo Company, 48th Guards Rifle Division. He was a motorcyclist/courier.



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