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    From the front I would never have guessed that this immaculate 4 place medal bar and matching ribbon bar were home made but they are. The hooks on the back of the medal bar are wire. The ribbon bar is on metal backing with slide on prongs pointing inward at each side rather than the usual pin. The medal bar is even backed. This might rate as "ugly" but it is extremely well done. Possibly these were "lovingly made" by a senior NCO at the front who was in some sort of job where he wanted to wear his decorations. He was not just a cheapo back home slopping stuff together because these are all prime specimens. biggrin.gif

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    Hi Bob,

    Nice examples of home-made bars, of which I also have a couple. I really like these simple combinations of basic awards from more than one state. Is there any paperwork to go with it?

    Particularly nice is the late-war Sachsen-Meiningen medal made of zinc. They also came in bronze and in other metals with a bronzed finish.


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    I would imagine it was worn just as a regular ribbon bar was worn but with taller loops sewn into the tunic and perhaps the loops would be more closely set so one side could be slid on and then backed off a little to hook the remaining end.

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