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    Georgii Gavriilovich Sharikalov

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    Guest Rick Research

    Notice that he has literally sewn himself into the Kitel collar, which is too small for his neck. :speechless1:

    16th Guards Mortar Regiment = Katyushka multiple rocket projectors. :cheers:

    Have you got the award papers for all those medals and veterans badges? I wonder why he was kept in the army at least to 1952, but then dumped out before a 10 years MMM? He's STILL a 2nd Lt 7 years after the war ended!!!!

    It is always NECESSARY to see ANY award documents for unit veterans badges, since we almost never see sets, and they rarely have any identifiable date on them unless the design mentions a victory jubilee year like "1945-85."

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    Rather than post familiar documents (though we might learn something from squinting at the seals?), here are the "exotics". With these things -- as with Mongolian badges -- our only hope of knowing their true names may lie in recording the documents. Any wisdom and/or insights and/or translations would be welcomed!

    First, despite a close encounter with a cigarette?

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    If anyone (Rick?) feels up to doing the rubber-stamp-squinting routine, I can put up the other documents, or just details of the 'sexy bits'. Also, if you want detailed images of the badges, the group is still here.

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    Post # 7 and 9 show a certificate issued by the Veterans Counsil of the Northwestern Front for a remembrance badge awarded to Guards Senior Lieutenant Georgy Gavrilovich Sharikalov, a 'participant of military actions on the Northwestern Front during the GPW'. Signed by the chairman of the Veterans Counsil, HSU Army-General P. Kurochkin. Dated 9 May 1974.

    Post # 10 and 11 show a certificate for the Remembrance Badge, awarded to veterans of the 130th Order of Suvorov 2nd Class Latvian Rifle Corps. Awarded to Sharikalov on 26 January 1987. 'In remembrance of military affairs during the years of the GPW'. Signed by the chairman of the Veterans Counsil of the corps, Guards Colonel out of service (don't know the English word for that - in German it's Au?er Dienst) L.A. Karvelis. Stamp reads 'Soviet Committee of War Veterans' - Rizhskaya Section.

    Post # 12 and 13 show a certificate for a badge issued for 40 years of victory, signed by the rector of the Latvian State University in the name of P. Stuchki, Professor V. Miller. The obverse of the certificate reads 'Latvian Order of the Red Banner of Labor State University in the name of Petra Stuchki'. May 1985.

    Post # 14 shows a certificate for the Remembrance Badge "Veteran of the First Shock Army", issued by the Veterans Counsil of the First Shock Army. Same text inside as the doc in post # 11. Signed by the Veterans Counsil of the 1st Shock Army: Lieutenant-General Ya.S. Kolesov, Lieutenant-General F.Ya. Lisitsyn, Guards Colonel M.I. Kozyrev and Colonel M.I. Golubchikov.

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