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    Here's his attributed badge. I think it is a "First Squadron, KKA Air Fleet" badge. On the reverse is engraved

    Military Aviation

    T. P. Bedia

    Sep. 5 1924

    This badge is said to have been presented to recognize his efforts in quelling the last major White rebellion in Georgia in 1924. His work? Said to have bombed "rebel villages". Not a nice thing to imagine.

    Regardless, I hope you enjoy these badges.


    Edited by Chuck In Oregon
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    Guest Rick Research

    Little jewels like this never cease to amaze me Chuck. How on earth did the artisans who made luxury trinkets for the wealthy manage to survive all the "class enemy" purging?

    Yet they did. Something, even in the ruthless, pitiless depths of the blackened Bolshevik psyche somehow recognized beauty, and passed those doorways by.

    Aside from the change in designs, the QUALITY went right on as if nothing had happened.

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