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Hello Gents

I think I have spotted a fake and I am reservedly chuffed about this! Might be wrong but feel I am right?

I have been looking for a Bavarian 3rd cl. with swords and crown weiss & co.

Saw these and have hopefully bagged the right one!



Check out the ORDENFABRIK small case on the suspect one and upper case on Weitze example. Also the impression of the print on the right one and the blurriness of t'other one.

Am pretty 'appy wiv myself for spotting this, maybe?

Comments welcome, everyday is a school day


went for the weitze item!


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Both items are doubtless originals.

ok....I dont doubt you are right but how come the difference in the 'brand' logo if they are from the same maker? and I guess from around the same period. Also the 'blueness' of the silk lining and velvet on the ebay item seems very new looking compared to the Weitze item.

Excuse my naivety but I am in a learning process.


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