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    Order of Glory 2nd and 3rd Class

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    This is one of my earlier buys the pair are to Junior Sergeant Mikhail Valdimirovich Getmansky. Both are duplicate medals and are of thin construction. I remember I purchased them because they were the thin type. I have the Defense of Caucasus, Capture of Berlin & Victory over Gremany medals, missing are the following Medals for Valor 1678894, Order of the Red Star 301371, and Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class 579692.

    Sergeant Getmansky was a layer of 120MM Mortars, 1038th Rifle Reg, the 3rd class was awarded for action in the village of Dorotskoye. He helped to repel a German attack, eliminated over thirty German men and officers. 2nd Class for action in the city of Kyustrin, Germany where he eliminated 12 enemy soldiers.

    Both medals are with stamped serial numbers and the 2nd class appears to have been replated, I am not sure on this but it's my guess.

    Thought it was a neat group with the glories being duplicates and the thin style. Now I hope that they are correct.



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    Dear Jim,

    congratulations to your Glory-group :cheers: .

    For my taste, the orders look fine and I don't think, that the 2nd class is replated. Stamped s/n. are typical for duplicate orders.

    Could you show the rest of Getmansky's awards :love: ?

    That is a great grouping. Have you researched the groups? I would love to read the citations on these!(Translated of course!).

    This would be very interesting :love: !

    Have a look at the citations of my full cavalier set of the Order of Glory http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=5536 . You will find them - in English transaltion - at the end of the thread. Sgt. Gnitienko had been a section leader in a machine-gun company.

    Best regards :beer:


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