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    Private Gafurman Abdurahmanov

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    I'll make a start.

    Privileges for the Red Star started in May 1945 and the Order Booklet was filled in on 12 June 1947.

    Award Record Card:

    1. Last name: Abdurakhmanov

    2. First name and patronymic: Gafurzhan

    3. Military rank: Private

    4. Sex: Male

    5. Year of birth: 1914

    6. Place of birth: Uzbek SSR, Fergansk Oblast, Kirov Regional Military District

    7. Dedication to the Party (since which year): Not a member

    8. Education: Elementary

    9. Nationality: Uzbek

    10. Since which year in the Red Army: From 5 May 1942 to 10 October 1945

    11. Place of service and duty position at the time of the awarding: 2nd Belorussian Front, 142nd Cannon Artillery Brigade - ?

    12. Current Place of service and duty position: Kolkhoz "Sanaat" - Kolkhoz Farmer

    13. Home address of recipient: Uzbek SSR, Fergansk Oblast, Kirov Regional Military District, Karabuyun Rural District, Kolkhoz "Sanaat"

    14. Received awards:

    Order of the Red Star # 2506277, 13 February 1945

    Medal for the Victory over Germany, 9 May 1945

    Medal for the Capture of Berlin, 9 June 1945

    Medal for the Liberation of Warsaw, 9 June 1945

    [signed Abdurakhmanov]

    Kirov Regional Military Commissar


    27 March 1947

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    1. Last name, patronymic and first name: Abdurakhmanov, Gapurzhan [sic?]

    2. Rank: Private

    3. Position, unit: (Gun puller or so, I'm not sure) - 2nd Battery, 142nd Army Cannon Artillery Brigade

    Recommended for: Order of the Red Star

    4. Year of birth: April 1914

    5. Nationality: Uzbek

    6. Dedication to the party: Not a party member

    7. Participation in the Civil War and other military actions aimed at the defense of the USSR and the Patriotic War (where, when): Participant of the Patriotic War since 5 May 1942 - Western Front

    8. Wounds or contusions received during the Patriotic War: Light wound near Stalingrad on 5 September 1942, serious wound near Stalingrad on 19 November 1942

    9. In the Red Army since: Since 2 May 1942

    10. Drafted by which Regional Military Commissariat: Kirov Regional Military Commissariat, Parkhansk Oblast [sic?]

    11. Which previous awards (for which merits): None

    12. Permanent home address of the awardee and the address of his family: Uzbek SSR, Parkhansk Oblast, Kirov Region, Karabuyun Rural District, Kolkhoz "Sanaat". Mother Khanipa Abdrakhmanova [sic]

    I'm off to bed now, Rick can do the actual citation ;)

    Edited by Ferdinand
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    Guest Rick Research

    Fergan Canal, death labor for Gulag prisoners....

    11) on the ARC is "gun crew "number" so I guess that's "member of gun crew." Unit is 142nd Army Howitzer Artillery Brigade.

    That is, BTW, some of the WORST "handwriting" I have EVER seen on Soviet documentation. :speechless1:

    Citation (reveals entitlement to another Medal):

    Comr. Abdrakhmanov, Gapurzhan in his time with the unit showed himself to be a disciplined, brave, steadfast soldier. In offensive combat on the River Visla, southwest of the small town of Yanovetz and in subsequent combat, he worked in gun ranging, by his accurate work contributing to the fulfilment of the combat mission of his unit. Comr. Abdrakhmanov was present in the defense of the Hero City of Stalingrad, where was wounded twice.

    Devoted to matters of the Party of Lenin-Stalin and his Socialist Homeland. ((this is the kind of boilerplate normally found for OFFICERS !!!)))

    Deserves to be decorated with the Order "of the Red Star," Certificate about wounds No. 3107 delivered by Evacuation Hospital No 3249 of 19.10.42. Certificate about wounds No 25 delivered by "PMP" of 142nd AHA Brig ((unit given in full but fingies get tired retyping it constantly--stamps also add honorifics, but too small for me to read at night)) of 11.4.45

    Commander of 1st Battalion, 142nd AHA Brig Captain Pe(lipas?)

    Award Order "of the Red Star" Commander 142nd AHA Brig Colonel Lamin (day and month under stamp) 1945

    Note about awarding--

    By Decreee ((Prikaz)) of 142nd AHA Brig, 33rd Army, 1st White Russian Front No 027/N of 13 April 1945, awarded state decoration-- Order "of the Red Star." Commander of Staff of 142nd AHA Brig, Lt Col Stol'nikov

    all done.

    Rather surprising how sparse the wording is for such a major award for an :unsure: ethnic :rolleyes: mere private. We've seen similar wording end up in MMMs for Mere Comrades--and yet this is EXACTLY the sort of wording used to justify awards to HQ officers! Weird!!

    This is also the first time I've seen a Red Star issued at BRIGADE level!

    Obviously he was in some other unit during the Defense of Stalingrad, and the award of that Medal hadn't caught up yet.

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    Interesting, and major thanks. :beer:

    The previous custodian was unsure about the Stalingrad qualification (though I'd have thought he'd have had the language skills to pick this out, having co-authored a Big Red Book).

    The recommendation does seem pretty sparse, even vague. Odd. I could understand a "Stalingrad wounds" Red Star, but that would come later?

    Maybe the political jargon (as Rick notes) helps to fill in this confusion, and maybe his position as an Uzbek (Muslim) contributes to our understanding here? At least we see someone here who was helped by The Canal!


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