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    Post-1947 Indian Groups


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    2951940 Havildar Udai Raj Singh, VrC, 6th Bn., Rajput Regiment

    Born - 25 August 1942, v. Raotapur, Unnao, UP

    Father - Sh. Jalim Singh

    Enrolled - 25 August 1962

    Religion - Hindu

    1- Vir Chakra "SEP. U. R. SINGH (2951940), RAJPUT R"

    "On 11 December 1971, Sepoy Udai Raj Singh was with a company of Rajput Regiment which was assigned the task of attacking an enemy position in the Eastern Sector. As the assault progressed half way up to the objective, the enemy brought heavy machine gun fire. With utter disregard for his safety, he rushed forward, took up position and started engaging the enemy machine gun. Later, he moved towards the bunker, leapt inside and killed the crew.

    "Thereafter, he fought from bunker to bunker along with his section and was instrumental in capturing the objective.

    "In this action, Sepoy Udai Raj Singh displayed determination and devotion to duty of a high order."

    2- The General Service Medal, 1947 - NAGA HILLS "2951940 SEP. UDAI RAJ SINGH, RAJPUT R"

    3- Samar Seva Star, 1965 "2941940 SEP. UDAIRAJ SINGH, RAJPUT R."

    4- Poorvi Star, 1971 "2941940 NK U R SINGH VRC RAJPUT R."

    5- Raksha Medal, 1965 "2941940 SEP UDAI RAJ SINGH, RAJPUT R."

    6- Sangram Medal, 1971 "2841940 NK U. R. SINGH VRC RAJPUT R"

    7- Sainya Seva Medal - Jammu Kashmir "2941940 SEP. UDAIRAJ SINGH, RAJPUT R."

    8- 25th Independence Anniversary Medal, 1972 "2941940 NK U. R. S. VRC RAJPUT R"

    9- Twenty Years Long Service Medal no medal, robbon only, never awarded

    10- Nine Years Long Service Medal "2941940 LNK UDAIRAJ SINGH, VRC RAJPUT R."

    Original, if somewhat worn, mounting.

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    JC-36217 Subadar (Honorary Captain) Durgabahadur Gurung, SM, 3rd Bn., 1st Gorkha Rifles

    1- Sena Medal "5031338 HAV. DURGABAHADUR GURUNG 3/1 G.R. - 1963"

    Not. No. 8-Pres./63 of 26 January 1963, Gazette of India pt. 1, sect. 1, 26 January 1963, p. 59:

    "8. 5031338 Havildar DURGABAHADUR GURUNG, 3 Bn., 1st Gorkha Rifles.

    "On 5th December 1961 the 3/1 Gorkha Rifles was ordered to clear a strategic road in Katanga. When Captain Salaria, with two Sections of Gorkhas and two Swedish Armoured Personnel Carriers arrived at a position about 1,500 yards from the road block, he came under heavyh automatic and small arms fire from enemy dug-in position on his right flank. Captain Salaria and his men killed 40 of the enemy and knocked out two Armoured cars but when he was wounded and collapsed due to profuse bleeding the command of this small gallant band of men devolved on Havildar Durgabahadur Gurung, at a most critical juncture. The enemy continued firing relentlessly. The ammunition of our troops was running low and wireless contact with battalion headquarters had been lost.

    "Havildar Durgabahadur Gurung organised the remnants of his force into a defensive position under heavy enemy fire. He obtained mortar support and repeatedly broke up enemy counter-attacks remaining with his men until he was ordered to withdraw.

    "Havildar Gurung displayed cool courage and devotion to duty under difficult circumstances."

    This was the action for which IC-8497 Captain Gurbachan Singh Salaria, 3/1st Gurkha Rifles posthumously received the Param Vir Chakra.

    The captain gets them into a fix, gets killed and gets the PVC; the havildar steps in, gets them out of the mess, and gets only a bloody Sena Medal?!?!

    2- Raksha Medal, 1965 "JC-36217 N-SUB D.B. GURUNG, G.R."

    3- Sangram Medal, 1971 "JC-36217 SUB/HONY CAPT. D.B. GURUNG. 1. G.R."

    4- Sainya Seva Medal - Jammu Kashmir "5031338 HAV D. B. GURUNG, G.R."

    5- Videsh Seva Medal - Congo "5031338 HAV. DURGABAHADUR GURUNG, G.R."

    6- The Indian Independence Medal, 1947 "25201 RFN. DURGABAHADUR GURUNG, 1 G.R."

    7- 25th Independence Anniversary Medal, 1972 "JC-36217 SUB/HONY/CAPT. D. B. GRG. 1.G.R."

    8- Twenty Years Long Service Medal "JC-36217 SUB. D.B. GURUNG. S.M. G.R."

    9- Nine Years Long Service Medal "JC-36217 SUB D.B.GURUNG. SM. G.R."

    10- United Nations - Organisationes des Nationes Unies du Congo (ONUC), 2nd medal, 1960-63 unnamed as issued

    Was there a policy of keeping gallantry award winners out of subsequent combat so as to protect them?

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    Lieutenant (SD) (TAS) Anant Ram, NM, Indian Navy

    A rather confusing group. On very "ratty" and dirty mount (by F. X. Fernandes, Bombay), but it has been retained as it is important (see below).

    Not all medals are mounted, but are listed below and are with the group.

    1- Nao Sena Medal "SUB. LT. (SD) (TAS) ANANT RAM. I.N. - 1966"

    Not. No. 23-Pres./66 of 26 January 1966 (GoI 19 Feb 66 p. 153):

    "4. Sub-Lieutenant (SD) (TAS) ANANT RAM.

    "Sub-Lieutanant Anant Ram has rendered vital diving assistance at national projects and naval tasks since 1961. In September 1964, when a Piper Cub aircraft, belonging to the Bombay Flying Club, crashed while on a flight from Bombay to Ahmedabad, Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram with a diving team went to search for the aircraft. In spite of a rough sea and swift current and very deep water, Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram decided to undertake the operation and continued the search of a wide area until it was called off as it was evident the aircraft had sunk in deep mud.

    "In November 1964, at the request of the Gujarat Electricity Board, Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram worked with a diving team for the removal of a steel coffer-dam in the river Mahi which was blocking the flow of water into the pump-house of a new power station in Khaira District. The task became very difficult and risky because of the high tide, continuous silting, deep mud and complete darkness due to muddy water. Despite all these hazards Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram led his diving team and successfully conducted the operations of cutting the coffer dam 8 feet below the datum.

    "Throughout, Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram displayed exemplary courage, professional skill and devotion to duty which was in the best traditions of the Indian Navy."

    2- The General Service Medal, 1947 - GOA 1961 "SUB-LT (SD) (TAS) A. RAM, I. N."

    3- Raksha Medal, 1965 "SUB-LT. (SD) (TAS) ANANT RAM, I. N."

    4- Twenty Years Long Service Medal "B18598 LT (SDTAS) A. RAM, I. N."

    5- 1939-45 Star

    6- Africa Star shows clear trace of clasp having been on ribbon, with "NORTH AFRICA 1942-43" clasp

    7- Burma Star

    8- The War Medal, 1939-45

    The curent theory has the recipient serving in the merchant navy in WWII (so the WWII medals are unnamed), qualifying for clasp in North Africa, then entering the Indian Navy after 1947 (no Independence Medal). Also no nine-year service medal?

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    4716 GD(P) Squadron Leader Pradiman Kishen Kaul, VM, Indian Air Force

    Name- Kaul, Prediman Kishen

    Rank - Flying Officer

    Number - 4716 (General Duties Branch)

    Date of Birth - 15-May-1933

    Date of Commission - 17-July-1954

    Date of Subst Rank of Flg Offr - 17-July-1955

    Remarks - Permanent Commission

    1- Vayu Sena Medal - 4716 FLT. LT. P. K. KAUL I.A.F. 1964

    Gazette of India. No. 20-Pres/64 of 26 January 1964:

    "Flt Lt Kaul has been engaged in air transport operations in Jammu and Kashmir area since 1957. He has done more than 1000 hours of operational flying over this area and over 200 hours of transport operations flying in NEFA. He is one of the pilots who carried out about 150 sorties, airlifting heavy engineer stores to the forward area in all supply-dropping sorties, he displayed precision of a high order. During the recent Chinese aggression on our borders, he carried out a number of dangerous reconnaissance missions and landing sorties to forward landing grounds. Throughout, Flight Lieutenant Kaul displayed determination, professional skill and courage of a high order."

    See also: http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/Awards/index.html

    2- General Service Medal 1947 - NAGA HILLS - 4716 FG. OFF. P. K. KAUL, I.A.F.

    3- Raksha Medal 1965 - 4716 SQN. LDR. P. K. KAUL, I.A.F.

    He is probably missing a NEFA clasp to the GSM and likely also missing a Sainya Seva Medal (and . . . ???).

    Still . . . ?

    And he later went into "civvie street" (pilot for Air India), hence the bowler hat on his picture when in pilot training.

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    Ramanlal Gokaldas Saraiya

    Padma Bhushan

    A Compilation of the Recipients of Bharat Ratna and Padma Awards, p. 130:

    "Padma Bhushan (1963)

    "10. Shri Ramanlal Gokaldas Saraiya

    "A pioneer in the field of cooperative Sri Ramanlal Gokaldas Saraiya has rendered valuable cooperation to develop the cooperative movement in India. He has been Chairman and Vice-Chairman of many State and All-India level organisations like Bombay State Cooperative Bank, All India Cooperative Organisation, National Development and Storage Board, etc.

    "Shri Saraiya is a member of many important Commerce Organisations of the country. In 1953-54 he was Chairman of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a Director of Reserve Bank of India and Indian Insurance Corporation.

    "Shri Saraiya is Chairman of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation since 1954. Under his skillful supervision the Corporation has made a big progress and now it is thought that among the Public Sector Undertakings its management is the best."

    The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, 2nd type, Officer

    Ramanlal Gokaldas Saraiya, Esquire, J.P., Partner Messrs. Narandas Rajaram and Company, Bombay - recommended by the Governor of the Punjab, 1 January 1942

    Recommendation in PSV, 18(9)-H/1941:

    "Mr. Saraiya is a prominent businessman of Bombay. He is a member of the Indian Merchants' Chamber, Bombay, and was appointed by the Government of India as a non-official adviser to the Indo-Japanese delegation. He is actively associated with the Indian Central Cotton Committee and has served on most of the Sub-Committees appointed by that Committee. Mr. Saraiya has been a director of the Bombay Provincial Co-Operative Bank since 1932, and its Chairman since 1938, and has done much to improve the financial position of the Bank. He is also Chairman of the Bombay Co-Operative Banks Association, and has been most helpful in organising the better working of the Urban and Central Banks in the Province. His work generally on behalf of the Co-Operative Banks has been admirable, and he also gave useful advice in connection with the drafting and introduction of the Agricultural Debtors' Relief Act. Mr. Saraiya is actively assisting the War effort. He is an A.R.P. Group Warden, has contributed generously to the War Gifts Fund, and has made large investments in Defence Bonds and Savings Certificates."

    Biography in The India & Pakistan Year Book & Who's Who, 1948, p. 1307:

    "SARAIYA, Ramanlal Gokaldas, O.B.E., J.P., B.A., B.Sc. Cotton Merchant and Chairman, Narandas Rajaram & Co., Ltd., Bombay. b. 16 Jan. 1898. m. Padmavati, daughter of Sir Purshotamdas Thakurdas, Kt. of Bombay, 1920: 3 s. Educ.: Gujerat College, Ahmedabad; Wilson College, Bombay and Imperial College of Science and Technology, London; Matric. (1914), B.A. (Hon.) 1919; -- Dakshina Fellow, Wilson College, 1919-20; B.Sc. (1920); took post-graduate course in Chemical Engineering in England and diploma of City and Guilds of London Institute in oils and fats and also in soap manufacturing; elected Fellow of the Chemical Society, London. After return to India, joined Rajaram & Co., in 1922; became its partner in 1926 and Vice-Chairman since its conversion fo limited company in 1944; Chairman of the All-India Co-Operative Planning Committee, 1944-45; member, Agricultural Finance Sub-Committee of the Govt. of Inda, and Co-Operative Training Committee appointed by Govt. of Bombay; Chairman, Bombay Provincial Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Bombay Co-Operative Banks Association, Bombay Board of the United Commercial Bank, Ltd.; Director, Hind Cycles Ltd., Madhusudan Mills Ltd., The United Salt Work and Industries Ltd., Sutlej Cotton Mills Ltd., Narandas Rajaram & Co. (Africa) Ltd., etc.; Vice-President, Indian Central Cotton Committee; member, Committee of the Indian Merchants Chamber, Coulcil of the Imperial Indian Citizenship Asson., Provgincial Rural Development Board, Provincial Board of Supervision, Provincial Food and Commodities Advisory Board and of the Crops & Soil Wing of the Board of Agriculture, 1943 & 1945; Fellow of the Indian Institute of Bankers. Clubs: Orient, Willingdon, Cricket Club, Bombay. Address: Vasant Vihar, 85, Nepean Sea Road, Bombay."

    (has his photo)

    He appears in (many) other annual editions of this and other biographical sources.

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    Saraiya, part 2

    Also, separately, obtained his City and Guilds of London, Department of Technology, silver prize medal for "Technological Innovation". This is part of a follow-up acquisition of a group I acquired earlier (Padma Bhushan and OBE). It is named on the edge "RAMAMLAL GOKALDAS SARAIYA, SOAP MANUFACTURE. 1st PRIZE, 1921."

    Also got his certificates for the Badma Bhushan and for the OBE.

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    4438239 Naib Subadar Ajit Singh, Sikh Light Infantry

    1- The General Service Medal, 1947 - GOA 1961 - 4438239 SEP. AJIT SINGH, SIKH L. I.

    2- Samanya Seva Medal, 1965 - Kucch - Kargil 1965 - 4438239 HAV. AJIT SINGH, S. L. I.

    3- Samar Seva Star, 1965 - 4438239 HAV. AJIT SINGH SIKH L. I.

    4- Poorvi Star, 1971 - 4438239 AJIT SINGH SIKH L I

    5- Paschimi Star, 1971 - 4438239 HAV. AJIT SINGH SIKH L I

    6- Raksha Medal, 1965 - unnamed

    7- Sangram Medal, 1971 - 4438239 HAV. AJIT SINGH SIKH L I

    8- Sainya Seva Medal - Himalaya - 4438239 NB-SUB. AJIT SINGH SIKH L I

    9- 25th Independence Anniversary Medal, 1972 - 4438239 HAV. AJIT SINGH SIKH L I

    10- Twenty Years Long Service Medal - 4438239 HAV. AJIT SINGH, S. L. I.

    11- Nine Years Long Service Medal - 4438239 NK. AJIT SINGH, S.L.I.

    Unfortunately dipped, but still pretty. All "combat" campaign medals.

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    • 2 months later...

    A few more . . .

    Deputy Inspector-General of Police Mohmed Quadir Ali, I.P.S., Mysore

    1- President's Police and Fire Services Medal for Distinguished Service "M. Quadir Ali, I.P.S., D.I.G. Mysore"

    Not. No. 3-Pres./66 of 26 January 1966 (Gazette of India, 5 February 1966, p. 75):

    "Shri Mohmed Quadir Ali, I.P.S.

    "Deputy Inspector General of Police

    "Central Range

    "Bangalore, Mysore"

    2- Police Medal for Meritorious Service, 1st variety "M. Quadir Ali, I.P.S., D.I.G. Police, Mysore"

    Notficaton No. 5-Pres./59 of 26 January 1959 (Gazette of India, 31 January 1959, p. 52):

    "Shri Mohamed Quadir Ali, .I.P.S., Deputy Inspector General of Polce, Southern Range, Mysore."

    3- Police Independence Medal, 1950

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    C-9436 Subadar-Major Meneha Singh, Army Service Corps (Motorised Transport)

    There is MUCH variability in the spelling of his name!

    WWII service, then out?

    enrolled 9 January 1959 (re-enrolled?)

    Naib Subadar 9 January 1959 (same day as enrollment)

    Subadar 1 March 1964

    Acting Subadar-Major 1 January 1968

    1- Samar Seva Star, 1965 - JC-6436 SUB MECHANGA SINGH ASC(MT)

    2- Raksha Medal, 1965 - JC9436_MEHNA SINGH ASC(MT)

    3- Sangram Medal, 1971 - unnamed

    4- 25th Independence Anniversary Medal, 1972 - ZJC9436 SUB. MAJ. MEHENGA SINGH ASC(MT)

    5- The Indian Independence Medal, 1947 - MTN-940217 HAV MAMNGA SINGH, ASC(MT)

    6- Twenty Years Long Service Medal - JC-9436 SUB-MAJ MENEHA SINGH, ASC(MT)

    7- Nine Years Long Service Medal - ribbon only

    8- 1939-45 Star - MTN/940217 C.Q.M. HAV. MEHNGA SINGH, RIASC (MT)

    9- Burma Star - MTN-940217 C.Q.M. HAV. MEHNGA SINGH, RIASC (MT)

    10- The War Medal, 1939-45 - MTN 940217 C.Q.M. HAV.MEHNGA SINGH RIASC(MT)

    11- The India Service Medal, 1939-45 - unnamed

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    1097408 Sweeper Asa Ram, Armoured Corps

    1- The General Service Medal, 1947 - NAGA HILLS - 1097408 SWPR. ASA RAM, A. C.

    2- Sainya Seva Medal - Bangal-Assam - 1097408 SWPR ASA RAM, A. C.

    3- Videsh Seva Medal - Congo - 1097408 SWPR. ASA RAM, A. C.

    4- United Nations: Operation des Nations Units au Congo (ONUC) Medal - unnamed

    Videsh Seva kind of "chewed", but still nice.

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    4436391 Havildar Bachittar Singh, Sikh Light Infantry

    1- The General Service Medal, 1947 - NEFA 1962 - 4436391 SEP. BACHITTAR SINGH, SIKH L. I.

    2- Samar Seva Star, 1965 - 4436391 SEP. BACHITTAR SINGH, SIKH L. I.

    Raksha Medal, 1965 - missing, obviously - :(

    3- Sangram Medal, 1971 - 4436391 HAV. BACHITTAR SINGH SIKH L I

    4- Sainya Seva Medal - Jammu Kashmir - 4436391 SEP. BACHITTAR SINGH, S. L. I.

    5- Videsh Seva Medal - United Arab Republic - 4436391 SEP. BACHITTAR SINGH, SIKH L. I.

    6- Nine Years Long Service Medal - 4436391 SEP. BACHITTAR SINGH, S. L. I.

    7- United Nations: UNEF Medal - unnamed

    A true shame it is missing one medal. :(:(:(:(

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    4448021 Naik Gurnam Singh, Sikh Light Infantry

    1- The General Service Medal, 1947 - NAGA HILLS - 4448021 SEP-BS. GURNAM SINGH, SIKH L.I.

    2- Sangram Medal, 1971 - 4448021 SEP / B/S GURNAM SINGH SIKH LI

    3- Sainya Seva Medal - Himalaya - 4448021 SEP-B-S. G. SINGH, SIKH LI

    4- High Altitude Service Medal - 4448021 Na. Gurnam Singh. Si. La. I. (in Hindi)

    5- 25th Independence Anniversary Medal, 1972 - 4448021 SEP-B-SMITH GURNAM SINGH SIKH L I

    6- Nine Years Long Service Medal - 4448021 SEP. GURNAM SINGH, SIKH L. I.


    A- Rank (Sepoy-Blacksmith);

    B- Both "Himalaya" and High Altitude Medal; and

    C- Hindi naming on High Altitude Medal.

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    1527748 Havildar Sadaram Singh, Bombay Engineers Group

    1- Samanya Seva Medal, 1965 - Nagaland - 1522748 HAV S SINGH, BOMBAY E G

    2- Raksha Medal, 1965 - 1527748 SPR. S. SINGH, BOMBAY ENGR GP.

    3- Sangram Medal, 1971 - 1527748 L/NK SADARAM SINGH

    4- Sainya Seva Medal - Himalaya - 1527748 SPR. S. SINGH. BOMBAY ENGR. GP.

    5- 25th Independence Anniversary Medal, 1972 - unnamed

    6- Nine Years Long Service Medal - 1527748 LNK. S. R. SINGH, BOMBAY ENGR.

    7- Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - 1527748 HAV SADARAM SINGH, BOMBAY E G - mounted out of order

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    JC-108697 Subadar Kishorilal, Punjab Regiment

    1- The General Service Medal, 1947 - MIZO HILLS - 2444454 HAV KISHOREILAL, PUNJAB R

    2- Samar Seva Star, 1965 - unnamed

    3- Raksha Medal, 1965 - 2444454 NK KISHORI LAL PUNJAB R

    4- Sangram Medal, 1971 - unnamed

    5- Sainya Seva Medal - Jammu Kashmir, NEFA - 2444454 SEP. KISHORILAL, PUNJAB R.

    6- High Altitude Service Medal - JC-108697 SUB KISHORILAL, PUNJAB R

    7-25th Independence Anniversary Medal, 1972 - 2444454 HAV KISHORI LAL PUNJAB R

    8- Twenty Years Long Service Medal - 2444454 N SUB KISHORI LAL, PUNJAB R.

    9- Nine Years Long Service Medal - 2451978 L-NK RUP SINGH, PUNJAB R. - not his, but it came with the group! (Did the Subadar-Sahib lift someone's medal to fill out his group?)

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    3162 Group Captain Harbans Singh Monga, Indian Air Force

    Mounting a bit ragged, but a long and impressive (and heavy) group.

    IAF List, July 1956:

    Name- Monga, Harbans Singh

    Rank - Flight Lt

    Number - 3162 (General Duties Branch)

    Date of Birth - 15-June-1923

    Date of Commission - 25-June-1945

    Date of Subst Rank of Flt Lt - 25-June-1950

    Remarks - Permanent Commission

    1- The General Service Medal, 1947 - JAMMU AND KASHMIR 1947-48 - 3162 FG. OFF. H. S. MONGA, I. A. F.

    2- Samar Seva Star, 1965 - 3162 GP. CAPT. H. S. MONGA, I. A. F.

    3- Poorvi Star, 1971 - missing, ribbon only

    4- Paschimi Star, 1971 - missing, ribbon only

    5- Raksha Medal, 1965 - 3162 GP. CAPT. H. S. MONGA, I. A. F.

    6- Sangram Medal, 1971 - missing, ribbon only

    7- Sainya Seva Medal - Himalaya - 3162 GP. CAPT. H. S. MONGA, I. A. F.

    8- Videsh Seva Medal - Nepal - 3162 WG. CDR. H. S. MANGA, I. A. F.

    9- The Indian Independence Medal, 1947 - 3162 FG. OFFR. H. S. MONGA, R.I.A.F.

    10- 25th Independence Anniversary - missing, ribbon only

    11- Twenty Years Long Service Medal - 3162 GP. CAPT. H. S. MONGA, I. A. F.

    12- Nine Years Long Service Medal - 3162 GP. CAPT. H. S. MONGA, I. A. F.

    13- The War Medal, 1939-45 - IND/3162 FLT/LT. H. S. MONGA, R. I. A. F.

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    3372039 Naik Gurmukh Singh, Sikh Regiment

    OK, not incredibly exciting, but a nice little mounted-as-worn IPKF pair.

    1- Vishesh Seva - Sri Lanka - 3372039 NK. GURMUKH SINGH, SIKH R

    2- Videsh Seva - Sri Lanka - 3372039 NK. GURMUKH SINGH SIKH R

    The only real puzzle: How did Gurmukhsinghji manage to avoid a Sainya Seva?!? And no 9-Year?

    The 7th, 13th, 16th, 17th, and 22nd battalions served in Sri Lanka (at least those are the ones that suffered casualties, per Amar Jawan).

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    Deputy Superintendent of Police (Officiating) Khyatendra Pal Singh, United Provinces

    Mounted by Spink, nicely as usual, but with major errors, as usual what they do to and for South Asian medals. Grumble. The Special Duty medal has the ribbon reversed (OK, they had a 50% chance of getting it right) and the Independence medal is reversed (also 50:50) and has the incorrect ribbon (Queen's South Africa). Still, pretty, but a likely candidate for eventual remounting.

    1- Police Medal for Gallantry "K. P. Singh, Dy. S.P. (Offg.), U.P."

    Not. No. 61-Pres./60 of 11 October 1960 (GoI 15 October 1960, p. 232):

    "Shri Khyatendra Pal Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Officiating), Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

    "On receipt of information at about 13:00 hours on the 21st March 1960, that the gang of the notorious dacoit Balwanta, who was wanted in several cases of dacoity, murder and kidnapping in Uttar Pradesh was in the ravines of River Utangan near villages Behari and Chamarpura, Shri Khyatendra Pal Singh, Circle Officer, Fatehabad, District Agra, accompanied by the Station Officer of Police Station Fatehabad and the available force, including P.A.C., immediately proceeded to the ravines. The force was divided into four parties. Two of the parties lay in ambush on the likely routes of escape of the gang and the other two parties, one under the command of Sri Khyatendra Pal Singh himself, proceeded to close in from two sides and strike at the gang. At about 16:45 hours the dacoits noticed the police force advancing towards them and immediately opened fire on the party led by Sri Khyatendra Pal Singh. Undaunted by the firing and unmindful of his personal safety he continued his advance toward the dacoits. Balwanta, the leader of the gang, who had taken up a commanding position, continued to fire wildly at the police party. Sri Khyatendra Pal Singh at great personal risk came up close to the dacoits and succeeded in shooting down Balwanta. The rest of the gang managed to escape through the ravines. One DBBL 12 bore gun with a large quantity of ammunition was found with Balwanta.

    "In the brief and successful encounter Sri Khyatendra Pal Singh exhibited exemplary courage, leadership and devotion to duty at great personal risk."

    2- Police (Special Duty) Medal - JAMMU & KASHMIR

    3- Police Independence Medal, 1950

    The last two are -- of course and as usual -- unnamed.

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    13731220 Naik Roop Singh, Jammu and Kashmir Rifles

    1- Wound Medal - no medal, ribbon only

    2- Samanya Seva Medal, 1965 - Nagaland - 13731220 NK ROOP SINGH JAK RIF - worn, properly but oddly, on GSM 1947 ribbon

    3- Poorvi Star, 1971 - 13731220 RFN ROOP SINGH JAK RIF

    4- Paschimi Star, 1971 - 13731220 RFN ROOP SINGH JAK RIF

    5- Sangram Medal, 1971 - 13731220 RFN ROOP SINGH JAK RIF

    6- Sainya Seva Medal - no medal, ribbon only

    7- 25th Independence Anniversary - medal missing (anyone have it?)

    8- Nine Years Long Service Medal - 13731220 RFN ROOP SINGH JAK RIF

    An interesting group on a couple of levels: (1) so many ribbon-only awards, (2) the Samanya Seva Medal (Nagaland clasp) worn, as was ordered at the time, on the GSM 47 ribbon.

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    And a couple of non-grouped singletons.

    Ashoka Chakra, Class II

    Established as the "Ashoka Chakra, Class II" by the President of India, No.1-Pres./52 of 4 January 1952 (with effect from 15 August 1947). The statutes were revised and the decoration renamed as the "Kirti Chakra" by No.30-Pres./67 of 27 January 1967.

    Awarded for conspicuous gallantry in non-combatant situations.

    This specimen is named "90919 L/NK AMAR SINGH RANA, 9 BN., ASSAM RIF. -- 14 AUG. 1957"

    L/Nk. Rana was born 5 March 1923, in village Khare, Nepal, the son of Shri Purna Rana. He enlisted 5 March 1956 (rather late in life?).

    Ashoka Chakra, Class II, by Not. No. 27-Pres/59. dated New Delhi, 23rd April 1959 (Gazette of India, 2 May 1959):

    "On the 14th Aug 1957 at about 1800 hours two sections of Assam Rifles while escorting some porters and stores from Lukhyekhe to Seyochang ran into a hostile ambush. Due to poor visibility the troops got seperated from the porters and there was much confusion. L-Nk Amar Singh Rana and another Rfn found themselves cut off from the rest by a group of hostiles. The first volley of hostile fire badly wounded his comrade in the stomach. L-Nk Rana dashed forward to rescue the wounded Rfn. In doing so he was wounded in the left arm. Despite this injury he engaged the enemy group of about 10 men singlehanded for some time and carried the wounded Rfn to safety. As the return of fire from him was intermittent, the hostile party took courage and charged the cover behind which L-Nk Rana and his companion were sheltered. L-Nk Rana then pulled out a grenade and removing the pin with his teeth threw it at the charging hostiles. The first grenade killed the leader of the hostile party. He then quickly threw a second grenade removed from the wounded Rfn and inflicted wounds on two more of the hostiles causing them to retreat.

    "L-Nk Amar Singh Rana's courageous action prevented the wounded soldier and his weapons and ammunition from falling into the hands of the hostiles. His gallant action was in the highest traditions of the Assam Rifles."

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    3951343 Sepoy Sukh Ram, VrC, 3rd Bn, Dogra Regiment

    Born: 26 November 1938, Mallyawar, Bilaspur, HP; father: Sh. Lakhu Ram

    Enrolled: 26 November 1959

    Vir Chakra by Not. No. 72-Pres./66, Gazette of India, 8 October 1966, p. 663

    "On 6 September 1965 when Sepoy Sukh Ram's section was leading an attack on a well-defended enemy post in the Poonch Sector, his company came under heavy enemy fire which rendered further advance impossible. Sepoy Sukh Ram rushed forward with four grenades. In spite of stiff opposition, he managed to close in, dropped two grenades in an enemy trench and destroyed an LMG. He then dashed to another LMG and lobbed a grenade at the enemy manning the LMG. While doing so, he got two bursts of LMG fire in his head and chest as a result of which he died.

    "Sepoy Sukh Ram displayed exemplary courage, initiative and determination of a high order."

    Gautam Sharma, "The Dogra Regiment History, 1947-1971" (MS in USI-I Library) pp. 225-26:

    Battle of Cgabd Kekri (Pt. 7702, north of Punch). Advance of Co. B on evening of 5 September 1965.

    "Sepoy Sukh Ram was also in one of the leading section of the company. Enemy machine guns were emitting a murderous volume of fire which rendered further advance impossible. On his own initiative Sukh Ram rushed forward with four hand grenades and closing on one of the enemy posts lobbed two of them in quick succession into the gun position, destroying it in the process. He then dashed forward to another position nearby and threw a grenade in it. As soon as he did this he was hit by a burst of gun fire in the face and was instantaneously killed. It was the last time the enemy gun fired. It is such individual feats of heroism, many of them unrecorded, that brought success to our arms."

    Shown in Amar Jawan (p. 151): 06 Sep 65 3951343 Sep Sukh Ram, VrC

    Medal named: 3951343 SEP. SUKH RAM, DOGRA R. 6 SEPT. 1965

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    I have a particular fondness for the Videsh Seva (too?). The problem is that there are at least 54 clasps, most with award numbers under thirty (and most are still with serving recipients).

    Beyond the ones I have shown above






    I do have some others, but many are naked (not properly dressed in ribbons) and not fit for public display.

    I will dig out some others and post them here.

    On Videsh Seva, you may want to glance at: http://sagongs.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=70

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    19689 Warrant Officer S. U. Nandanan, Indian Air Force

    1- Raksha Medal, 1965 - 19689 FLT. SGT. NANDAN. S., I.A.F.

    2- Sainya Seva Medal - Jammu Kashmir - 19689 WO. NANDANAN S, I.A.F. (there is also a duplicate issue of this medal, named 19689 W.O. NANDANAN M. S., I.A.F.)

    3- Videsh Seva Medal - Indonesia - 19689 WO. NANDANAN SHANKU, I.A.F. (one of the scarcer Videsh Seva clasps, for service on loan to the government of Indonesia, 21 November 1955-???)

    4- The Indian Independence Medal, 1947 - 19689 T/LAC. M. S. NANDANAN, R.I.A.F.

    5- Twenty Years Long Service Medal - ribbon only

    6- Nine Years Long Service Medal - 19689 WO. NANDANAN, S. U., I.A.F.

    Apparently no WWII service.

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