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Soviet Headgear and Uniforms, Randomly


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OK, so I'm no John Ford on the cinematography... :blush::o:rolleyes:

Air Force Major General M1969 field tunic, buttons dated 1969. The ribbon bar is, miracle of miracles, original to the tunic and the holes from original badges have been filled with a replica Hero Star (replacing one that obviously originally hung there) and the three badges on the right side, including an incorrect Russian Federation Honored Military Pilot to represent an unobtainable Soviet one:

M1947 civil police (Militia) Lieutenant Colonel summer kitel tunic

KGB Technical Major gimnastyorka, silky "Lend Lease" type boards and piped cuffs-- although buttons dated 1954.

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The darker one has no markings.

The lighter gray one with the wheat colored inside lining if the flaps are turned down has

My mistake-- it does NOT have a year date.

The horrible camera pictures are from about 10 years ago. All I can do now is SCAN whatever part of a uniform fits on the scanner!

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