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    Mongolian awards - a few very nice ones!

    Christian L

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    rick asked me, if i would post a few pictures of nice mongol awards - as i don't have higher grades, i post a few pics out of the new book about mongolian awards from dr.battushig (if someone is interested in this book, pm me, and i'll support you with info)

    now i'll start with the 1.modell of the badge of hero:

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    Guest Rick Research

    I have this Mongolian Orders and Medals Book


    It is Orders Book number 7120 issued on 29 July 1954


    To a Senior Lieutenant or Captain named Sharkhuu Gochoo. No clue who what or where the authorizing signature and other word filled in mean.


    and if I am guessing right about the awards (missing)


    That would be the galloping horse medal on trifold ribbon Military Merit Medal serial number 5,228 authorized by decreee of 28 July 1954 and

    the Mongolian Military Merit Order serial number 1,049 authorized on 1 October 1959--

    per Dr. Battushig's book, it was the Pole Star given for 15 years service so maybe THAT is what this is here. See post #15 below for a closeup of the stamped awards' names:

    presumably for the same 10 and 15 years service as a Soviet MMM and Red Star of that period?

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    Guest Rick Research

    One thing that is always striking remembering the crew-cuts of my own youth is how much HAIR there was, both in the Wehrmacht late WW2 and in the 1950s Soviet forces. The Beatles would have fit right in!


    I have no idea if this is a generic Presidium type stamp or indicates an actual unit, being utterly flummoxed by Mongolian.

    What do the medals look like for the three Mongolian ribbons?


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    Guest Rick Research

    Here is my Mongolian Order of the Polar Star:


    It appears that the rivets failed and this was zapped with some sort of welding rod :speechless1:


    Didn't damage the enamel, though! Serial number is down near 7 o'clock position


    As near as I can tell from watching the few documented ones that have turned up, number 4470 dates from the mid 1950s


    And of course, a photo in wear... Colonel G V Kalmikov of the 234th "OM RVK" Artillery Brigade, 3 April 1954. He is also wearing the Mongolian Victory Over Japan Medal after his 1948 Armed Forces Jubilee


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    Guest Rick Research

    And a 1940 type "mirror reverse" 1939 Khalkin Gol badge


    made in Moscow, with little round silvered copper wire loops for turning the well marked (down to street address!) screw disk


    And-- of course-- in wear. Guards Lieutenant Colonel A A Kanevets of the 96th Guards Mechanzied Regiment wearing it between his Guards Badge and Red Star, undated but the armored corps dress uniform of 1949-55


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    Guest Rick Research

    Here is my 1970-75 "Party Animal" cheeky.gif ribbon bar, some creaky old semi-retired Border Guards general type sent off on expenses-and-a-commemorative-gong "inspections"--

    Second on bottom row is the Mongolian 1969 Khalkin Gol 30th Jubilee badge ribbon. Apparently he was there for the parade unsure.gif in his wanderings between Bulgaria, Poland, the DDR, Rumania, and Hungary checking up on the locals at ceremonial catered occasions


    This was split up from another ribbon bar with 18 to the same guy, so at least I know that the awards with "*" were post 1969--

    ORB (for long service by 1957--no long service medals), OW1, OPW2, ORBL*, ORBL, ORS (15 years service), ORS, MMM (10 years service), Medal for Distinction in Guarding the State Borders*, 1970 Lenin Jubilee*, VoG, 1965, VoJ, 1957 Leningrad, 1948, 1958, 1968, Bulgarian Order 9 September 2nd Class, Polish Brotherhood In Arms, DDR Brotherhood In Arms, Bulgarian Armed Forces Jubilee 1964, Mongolian 1969 Khalkin Gol*, Rumanian 1969 Anniversary Liberation from Fascism*, Hungarian Medal for Service to Fatherland 1st Class*

    Where oh where is his 1968-69 bar now??? ---->

    [attachmentid=11215] sad.gif

    Here's another typical "Party Animal" wandering Comrade canap? gnosher bar, circa 1978-85--


    OPW1, OPW2, ORS(15 years long service), ORS, OSHAFUSSR 3rd, MMM(10 years service), MMM, 1970 Lenin, VoG, 1965, 1975, Capture of K?nigsberg, 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 20 Years Service Medal, Mongolian Order of the Polar Star, Mongolian Military Merit Medal, Mongolian 1969 Khalkin Gol (wonder if they waved at each other? cheers.gif ), Mongolian 1971 50th Anniversary of People's Republic, Mongolian 1971 Anniversary of People's Army, Mongolian 30th Anniversary of Victory 1975, Bulgarian 1974 30th Anniversary of People's Army.

    THIS guy had another ribbon bar split off separately as well sad.gif -- same number of ribbons, but squeezed in a third ORS by dropping a jubilee, and foreign party Attendances in slightly different precedence.

    rock on.gif PARTY of the Proletariat! cheers.gif

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    I have no idea if this is a generic Presidium type stamp or indicates an actual unit, being utterly flummoxed by Mongolian.

    It is a generic stamp. The coat of arms is the standard Mongolian communist-era coat of arms (although there were variants).

    The smaller text where the stamp crosses the photo says: БYГД НАЙРАМДАХ МОНГОЛ АРД УЛС (Bugd Nairamdakh Mongol Ard Uls), which means Mongolian People's Republic (usually abbreviated БНМАУ). The rest of the text is Улсын их хурлын тэргїїлэгчдийн газар. Улсын Их Хурал (ulsyn ikh khural) means State Great Hural, the name for the Mongolian Parliament. тэргїїлэгчдийн газар (terguulegchdiin gazar) means Presidium.

    дарга (darga) means Chairman, and нарийн бичгийн дарга (nariin bichgiin darga), means Secretary, so the two signatures are:

    БНМА Улсын их хурлын тэргїїлэгчдийн дарга - Chairman of the Presidium of the State Great Hural of the Peoples Republic of Mongolia

    БНМА Улсын их хурлын тэргїїлэгчдийн нарийн бичгийн дарга - Secretary of the Presidium of the State Great Hural of the Peoples Republic of Mongolia

    The Chairman of the Presidium from 1954 to 1972 was Jamtsarangiin Sambuu, so the first signature is right: Ж. Самбуу. The Secretary's signature appears to be Шарав (Sharav). I can't find a list of Secretaries.

    (by the way, on Mongolian websites, ї or v are generally used in place of that Y character, which does not appear in many online Cyrillic fontsets)

    Газар by itself, by the way, means office or agency, so for example, the Mongolian CIA is Тагнуулын ерєнхий газар. Its website is here: http://gate1.pmis.gov.mn/cia/

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    Guest Rick Research

    beer.gif That Mongolian has been niggling at me... it's like being illiterate not being able to UNDERSTAND what something says... and a Mongolian-English dictionary not having found its way to my shelves. Thanks for one less thing to fret over!

    The signature is an original autograph (ooooooooo) and not a stamp, but presumably as busy as the Soviets.

    Did I guess right about what the two awards entries are? The 5 years apart and his starting rank just led me to figure they likely echoed the Soviet long service awards pattern of the 1950s.

    I ordered the Mongolian book from Igor Moiseyev, so should have it on Thursday hopefully. He has some sort of "in" with the UPS gods, at least from New Jersey to my palatial estate here in the Yankee hinterland.

    Having no new SOVIET groups turning up any more, and priced myself out of anything but awards I already have loose in my single awards range...

    Ricky may just get into some Mongolian. cheers.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    Aaagah! Due to yesterday's website upgrade glitch, we have LOST Dave Danner's Mongolian key words post. ohmy.gif

    And TODAY I got Dr. Battushig's Mongolian awards book jumping.gif which is loaded with information. Was able to correct a mistaken ID on the sew on Party Animal ribbon bar above (although ribbons the same, Mongolian MMM after the Polar Star there, not Bulgarian Georgy Dmitrov Order) and he says MMM for 10 but Pole Star for 15 years, so that may be the second award in my Orders Book above.

    Will make a close up scan of the entries.

    I was quite pleased with the amount of detail and quality of illustrations in the Battushig book (mine is serial number 167, so there! tongue.gif ). The only addition I would have liked-- and he could not pry from their Keepers Of Secrets-- was total numbers of awards-- especially by the various types. But someday...

    Anyway, a closeup of the Captain's 1950s award entries:


    Now, if I am remembering Dave's Mongolian, these ARE the Military Merit MEDAL and the Military Merit ORDER.

    I have only seen TWO Mongolian Orders Books, but Dr B's book shows covers for all varieties, so now I will know to which year range one is before even opening number three.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Like the wool off the mammoths. speechless.gif

    Ted and I had brought the disgraced cashiered/demoted Prince's saga in Sword Forum to its speechless1.gif conclusion and THOSE posts are gone too. Waaah.

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    байлдаан (baildaan) and байлдах (baildaq) mean "war" (and sometimes "combat").

    Merit is (ач) гавьяа (gav'yaa) and гавьяатай (gav'yatai) means meritorious.

    -н(ы) (-(n)i) is a possessive suffix.

    одон (odon) is "order" in the sense of a decoration.

    So the first is literally "Medal of War" or "War Medal" and the second means "Order of War Merit" or "War Merit Order"

    These seem to be called Combat Merit Medals and Orders in some sources, though.

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    Guest Rick Research

    In BAD sources, haruumph! Same with the Soviet "Combat (sic) Service (sic!!!!)" Medal angry.gif which is more accurately translated as Military Merit Medal to give the sense of what they were actually awarded for.

    Same thing with these Mongolian awards-- given the limited COMBAT against Japan, overwhelming actually handed out for long service.

    Here's another page from the Orders Book, showing 1950s precedence of the awards:


    Now, though Dr. Battushig states the military received their MMM at 10 years and a Polar Star at 15, this clearly shows a five year gap in peacetime that is surely indicative of long service awards...

    for a Mongolian MMM and a Mongolian MMO.


    I am amazed at the low MMO serial number as of 1959, which should certainly tweak what awards have usually been considered "1945 action" bestowals.

    Now all we need are dozens more Mongolian Orders Books and a new serial numbers/award dates data base! rolleyes.gif

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Re: The Battushig book

    Has the supply of them already dried up or are there still some out there ? If so, where can I pick one up? I checked CollectRussia but they appear to have been sold out. I have a small collection of Mongolian orders and would love to get this book.

    Here's one of my faves - this is a second type Polar Star with the Uighur inscription. This was issued between 1939 and 1941 and has the MOHETHЫЙ ДВOP mintmark up at the top on the reverse. This is probably about as early as I am going to be able to get with these since the real early ones are now quite expensive.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Ed has an Orders Book with THREE Polar Star serial numbers and award dates, but inexplicably the third one has a lower serial number than the second one, so we are still up in the air as far as DATING undocumented pieces:


    But I sense another obsession coming on. :beer:

    If anybody has any Mongolian Orders Books to share which will get our numbers/dates going, please share.

    So far... we've got TWO of the THREE I've ever seen come up, posted in this sub-Forum.

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