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Order of the Great Patriotic War II Cl # 118019

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Agh! ALWAYS as darkness falls here in a dark room with one eye!!!

Demidenko, Nikolai Fedorovich

Guards Sergeant-Major (Starshina)

born 1921 village of Fastovets. Fastovsky Raion, Kiev Oblast

Party since 1945 (candidate since 1943 per citation below)

Lower education, Ukrainian

Red Army since 1941

Decorated as gunner-radioman in 82nd Guards Bomber Regiment

now: something about a Depot, but the rest of the entry is illegible to me other than wherever it was, was in Kiev Oblast

Military Merit Medal 8.7.43 and the OPW2 19.5.44 both per 82nd Gds Bomber Rgt, and a Red Star 21.3.45 per 6th Guard Bomber Corps

Citation shows him as gunner-radioman 1st Class in 82nd Gds Bomb Rgt. It was a recommendation for a Red Banner and downgraded to OPW2.

at the front since October 1942 on the Kalinin, Volkhov, Northwest, Voronezh, Steppes, and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts setors.

One light wound.

Previously decorated with the MMM

Next of kin his mother, OIl'ga Stepanovna Demidenko in the home village

Cirtation (quick and rough) repeats fronst served on, 70 combat missions of which 26 were dive bomber attacks and 11 reconnaissance missions "in the interest of the Army command." For completion of 3 combat missions, receibved the MMM. After this, combleted 57 more combat missions and.....

it's too dark in my computer room now for the contrast here. Will resume in the daylight on Saturday. Anybody with 2 eyes is more than welcome to continue... but he blew up enemy artillery positions, fought off Messerschmidts, blew up railway depots and got himself praised by higher commanders on numerous occasions ....

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OK, here's the citation text in full-- as much as I can make out. There is no mention whatsoever about what type of Soviet aircraft his unit was using. The designation "Bomber" rather than "Ground Attack" seems to rule out the usual Shturmovik "Stuka" type plane, since there is reference to these being used for reconnaissance as much as attack, and level AND dive attacks. So some kind of 2 man crew light bombers? Anyway--

?In the Patriotic War participated since October 1942, on the Kalinin, Volkhov, Northwest, Voronezh, Steppes and 2nd Ukrainian (Fronts). In this period accomplished 70 successful combat flights, of which 26 with dives and 11 for reconnaissance in the interests of the army command. For accomplishing 3 successful combat flights, decorated with the Medal ?for Military Merit? on 8.7.43. After this, accomplished 57 successful combat flights, carrying out combat objectives with excellence and distinction. Comr. DEMIDENKO bravely accomplished mastering radio signals and aerial-gunnery readiness, distinguishing himself in fulfillment of complex military objectives in reconnaissance, transmitting to the ground (forces) valuable data about the enemy. By order of the 1st B(omber) A(viation) C(orps), classified as Gunner-Radioman 1st Class.

8.9.43 in carrying out the combat mission to reconnoiter r(ai)r(oad) bridges crossing the Dnieper in the area of DNEPRPETROVSK, the squadron was fired upon by 3 enemy batteries, revealing the fire from concealed machineguns. The squadron annihilated personnel of the enemy gun positions, silencing them with steel.

For participating in the liquidation (Word here not in dictionaries) attacks of the Germans around BELGOROD and KHARKOV, received three commendations from the commander of the Regiment and two commendations from the commander of the Division.

6.10.43 in accomplishing the combat mission to bomb (word illegible) forces and technology of the enemy at the point ANDREEVKA, the squadron was attacked by Me-109 (lines here are largely illegible since the carbon copy type is completely obscured by bleed-through of the ink lines on the other side of the paper). Successfully (ink obscures) attack of the squadron (ink obscures) shot down one Me-109, but the others (ink obscures) and fled.

20.10.43 at (ink obscures the line) ALEKSANDRIYA, PROTOPOVKA over the aerodrome (BEREZ?)OVKA, took part in aerial combat with enemy bombers (ink obscures?apparently number?30? And type of aircraft?).The squadron?s fire shot down 7 enemy aircraft, for which received the commendation of the Commander of the Steppes Front.

Comr. DEMIDENKO accomplished six flights to bomb the (railway) junction (VAPYO?)RKA. 19.8.43 as a result of the bombing impact and the fire of the Gunner-Radioman was destroyed at Jct. (VAPYO?)RKA one troop train with convalescent (so a ? hospital train?) Germans, destroyed the R.R. office and depot. Results corroborated by visit to the place after liberation of the territory, representatives of units, and local people.

12.4.44 a squadron of planes and personnel whose ?Flagman Gunner-Radioman? was DEMIDENKO, fulfilled the objective to reconnoiter the R.R. bridge over the River PRUT at point (UNGEN?). (2 words illegible) with level flight the bridge was reconnoitered. Results confirmed (photographically?), for which received a commendation from the commander of 1st B(omber) A(viation) C(orps) and (2 words illegible)

For demonstrated valor, courage, and bravery for the Homeland, deserves to be decorated with the state Order ?of the Red Banner.?

Commander (sub unit illegible) Gds Captain Golitsin 4.5.44

Deserves to be decorated with the state Order ?of the Red Banner?

Commander of 1st Gds Bomber Aviation (?Red Something' award in title illegible) Division Gds Colonel Doby(n?) 10.5.44

Deserves Order ?of the Patriotic War 2nd Class? Commander 2nd (yes, 2nd not 1st) Bomber Aviation Corps, Gds Major General Polbin 17.5.44?

And the final smear of scrawled ink obscuring so much of the citation text on the other side :banger: is from clerical department Sr Lt Scribble confirming award per 19.5.44 and dated 19.6.44

Regrettably, between the faded dry inkless carbon, darkened paper, and ink leaked through, this is as best as I can do.

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A nice one, Rick. On behalf of the (Russian) illiterates among us, many thanks! :beer:

And lovely item you have there, Charles. :envy: :beer:

I agree! Really nice medal and great citation. Congrats!beer.gif

It's a pity he wasn't more highly decorated though, considering how successful he was. He at least deserved a Red Banner, or at the very least an OGPW 1st class.

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