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    Guest Rick Research

    Grampa looks kind of OLD for guard duty! :speechless1:

    I have this VOKhR officer's hat, dated 1959:

    but I have NO idea what the different colors mean-- Gulag guard, or warehouse security or ???

    This VOKhR shirt/jacket has 1984 buttons:

    close up of the old fashioned collar rank:

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    The most part VOHR mans were solid age. In Russia the sixtieth years there were few crimes. And this work veterans well did. It is impossible forget, that the country has lost 30 million person earlier. The Most part from them there were young guys .1960 it Gari Truman. , it is the Caribbean crisis, is American plane U-2, is Berlin .If to tell one word-Cold War. Healthy guys should serve in army or work at a factory doing the weapon.Protection has remained work for grandfathers and grandmothers. Such workers often named the Dandelion of the God. The wind and it has departed.

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    Prisoners were protected with parts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Internal Armies) VOHR protected warehouses, factories and other .VOHR uniform per 1950-1960 not differed from a uniform of Red Army for 1940. Or had small differences. Your blue uniform younger also has appeared, can be in in 1970.

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    Guest Rick Research

    "Such workers often named the Dandelion of the God. The wind and it has departed." :cheeky: I never heard THAT one before!

    Here is the 1959 date on my hat:

    I think that is the ONLY succeessful inside-of-a-hat photograph I ever took years ago when I had a camera. :catjava:

    Close up of the insignia and piping:

    The round gerb behind the VOKhR emblem is steel, not aluminum. The red enamel is very nice-- only in the photo does it look like paint. :( I have no idea what the orange color "Waffenfarbe" means. I have seen several different colors on these uniforms, but this is the only one I ever saw with orange.

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    It is difficult to me to translate on the English . But if to speak is shortly orange -soldiers. A green line commanders. I shall result as a part of the order on a uniform in Russian.

    Постановление СМ СССР " 2710 от 25 июня 1949 года.

    "Фуражкка среднего и старшего начсостава изготовляется из шерстяной ткани темно-синего цвета с зеленым околышем (бархатным). По краям тульи и по верху околыша фуражки канты из оранжевого сукна. Козырек фуражки малый фибровый черный лакированный. Подкладка фуражки шелковая или сатиновая.

    На фуражке среднего и старшего начальствующего состава прикрепляется подбородный лакированный ремешок черного цвета на две посеребренные форменные пуговицы, а над подбородным ремнем прикрепляется эмблема военизированной охраны (две скрещивающиеся винтовки с накладной пятиконечной звездой).

    Фуражка младшего начальствующего и рядового состава изготовляется из темно-синей хлпчатобумажной ткани с зеленым суконным околышем и оранжевой окантовкой. Над козырьком пришиваются форменные металлические пуговицы для застежки подбородного ремешка. Козырек фуражки малый фибровый черный лакированный удлиненной формы. По краю донышка и верху околыша фуражка имеет кант из сукна оранжевого цвета"

    Yours faithfully Sergey

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    Guest Rick Research

    This is per decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of 25 June 1949 establishing the cap colors of dark blue top, orange piping, and green capband.

    According to this, the capband was velvet for officers (like army officers caps in the armor and artillery branches-- "fuzzy" cloth) while for NCOs and privates the green capbandt was normal cloth. Caps for officers were wool, while NCOs and enlisted men had cotton.

    Here is the odd thing with my cap-- the cap is WOOL, but has a NORMAL cloth capband, NOT velvet. :Cat-Scratch:

    This decree describes the materials of the caps, the insignia, and the visor, but does not state what duties the personnel with orange piping performed--- ???????????

    Were all VOKhR caps supposed to have orange piping? I have seen other colors (can I find scans? Nooooooo. :banger: ).

    So-- what do you mean by orange = "soldiers?"

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    In the order it is written, that an orange line on caps of simple employees of this organization (Arrows) and younger commanders. A green line on peak-caps of the senior commanders.

    And here an example of the seventieth years where a line dark blue

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