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Castro Resigns!


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For those of us old enough to remember the rumors that Brezhnev had died and was taxidermied with a Walt Disney-style animatronics arm to wave from the Kremlin reviewing stand during parades...

one can only surmise that The Bearded One is either actually dead or in such bad shape that they cannot even prop him up in a lifelike manner for still photography.

That leaves Raul the thug, feared but without the cult of godlike personality always so repellant in "socialist" paradises.

And is there in fact a "younger" generation ready to step in and make the glorious revolution hereditary, like North Korea etc etc etc?

Now is not the time to loosen the sanctions which have kept this rotten regime dragging its carcass along with the pretense that it is actually breathing unassisted.

Alas, I fear the usual dimwits will decide the exact opposite, putting the dictatorship on life support past the assumption of room temperature of the Maximum Leader.

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The wife and her mother did a vacation down in the Caribbean in the early 90s.

They found Cuba to be an oasis in the middle of a disgusting, money grabbing, corrupt, unfriendly tourist hell... when they arrived in Cuba folks were friendly, well educated, multi lingual... They were not on a tour, just travelling alone, they loved it and the people.

At the time the Cubans were getting ready to put down the lion in the zoo as there was not enough meat to keep it alive...

I hope to get there (Cuba) before the wall comes down and all the criminals Castro exported to Miami flood back...

The bankers and real estate agents have spent 30 years turning Florida into Carl Hiaasens vision of hell... now they have run out of space to expand....

I am pretty sure that if Cuba gives in they will be wiped off the map with the overflow from Miami.... :-(

Castro was all that stood between Burger King and Disneyland... if he goes some New York firm will take over and destroy the cigar making, some New Jersey firm will introduce mass production methods that will leave the sugar cane workers without jobs and force them to sell their daughters to Gringo tourists...

Cuba is doomed to becoming a new holiday destination for Rich westerners.... the people there will become waiters to the unwashed,,, their lot will not improve, the Cuban Miami Mafia will be the ones to gain, not the people living there...

Hear me now and believe me later....

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At least the property lawyers still mining the former DDR for past owners will have food on their tables waaaaaaaaaay into the indefinite future. :catjava:

Hugo should make out well too, when everything portable ends up in Caracas. :rolleyes:

Revolutions are messy. So are counter-revolutions. Funny how the lawyers always end up on top, no matter what.

I just hope Cuba can go the Czech way. :cheers:

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I would imagine that the Cubans in Miami, Real estate agents, bankers, hotel chains, etc. etc. etc..... have had lobby groups pushing for sanctions for decades... while at the same time they have saving private Ryan like landing craft ready and fueled...

As soon as there is a green light they will hit the beaches and before you know it, REAL living there Cubans will end up having very little....

5 years later they will be waiters and maids in the new tropical paradise tourist vacation destination....

They will not get rich when Castro is gone... the country is already divided up amongst the circling vultures....

Read carl Hiaasen folks.... see how it will be....

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