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This is a recent acquisition for my medal bar collection. I am hoping that it might be possible to identify the original owner due to the combination of awards. Any assistance appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Gary B

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Great Schwarzburg bar!

Generalmajor Karl B?ttger (1891-1965)

Born: 15 Nov 1891 in Bad Frankenhausen, Thuringia (Th?ringen)

Died: 11 Jul 1965 in Bremen


Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier (08 Aug 1910); F?hnrich (07 Nov 1910); Leutnant (18 Aug 1911); Oberleutnant (21 Oct 1915); Hauptmann (01 Apr 1921); Major (01 Oct 1931); Oberstleutnant (01 Oct 1934); Oberst (01 Apr 1937); Generalmajor (01 Apr 1941)


Entered Army Service (30 Mar 1910)

Fahnenjunker in the 106th Infantry-Regiment (30 Mar 1910-05 Aug 1914)

In the Field as Platoon-Leader in the 106th Infantry-Regiment (05 Aug 1914-01 Nov 1914)

Adjutant of the I. Battalion of the 106th Infantry-Regiment (01 Nov 1914-20 Sep 1915)

Wounded, in hospital (20 Sep 1915-08 Oct 1915)

Transferred to the Replacement-Battalion of the 106th Infantry-Regiment (08 Oct 1915-06 Nov 1915)

Adjutant of the I. Battalion of the 106th Infantry-Regiment (06 Nov 1915-01 Dec 1915)

Company-Leader in the 106th Infantry-Regiment (01 Dec 1915-13 Jul 1916)

Temporary-Regiments-Adjutant of the 106th Infantry-Regiment (13 Jul 1916-14 Oct 1916)

MG-Officer in the Staff of the 106th Infantry-Regiment (14 Oct 1916-12 Dec 1916)

Regiments-Adjutant of the 106th Infantry-Regiment (12 Dec 1916-01 Jul 1917)

2nd Adjutant of the Commander Kowno (01 Jul 1917-26 Nov 1918)

1st Adjutant of the Commander Kowno (26 Nov 1918-20 Jun 1919)

Company-Leader in the 20th Saxon Volunteer-Infantry-Regiment (20 Jun 1919-24 Jul 1919)

Company-Leader of the MG-Company of the 20th Saxon Volunteer-Infantry-Regiment (24 Jul 1919-01 Mar 1920)

Company-Leader in the 37th Saxon Border-J?ger-Regiment (01 Mar 1920-16 May 1920)

Transferred into the 38th Reichswehr-Infantry-Regiment (16 May 1920-01 Oct 1920)

Transferred into the 37th Reichswehr-Infantry-Regiment (01 Oct 1920-01 Nov 1920)

MG-Officer in the Staff of the 37th Reichswehr-Infantry-Regiment (01 Nov 1920-01 Jan 1921)

Company-Chief in the 11th Infantry-Regiment (01 Jan 1921-01 Oct 1922)

Transferred to the Staff of the Training-Battalion of the 11th Infantry-Regiment (01 Oct 1922-01 Apr 1923)

MG-Officer in the Staff of the 11th Infantry-Regiment (01 Apr 1923-01 Mar 1924)

Company-Chief in the 11th Infantry-Regiment (01 Mar 1924-01 Oct 1929)

Detached to the Battle School Course in D?beritz (02 Nov 1925-28 Nov 1925)

Detached to Course with the 4th Transport-Battalion (03 Oct 1927-28 Oct 1927)

Transferred to the Staff of the 11th Infantry-Regiment and Auxiliary-Instructor with the Location-Senior of Leipzig (01 Oct 1929-01 Jan 1931)

Company-Chief in the 11th Infantry-Regiment (01 Jan 1931-01 Mar 1933)

Detached to the RWM (01 Mar 1933-01 Apr 1933)

Advisor in the RWM/Army Administration Office (01 Apr 1933-01 Oct 1934)

Commander of the III. Battalion of Infantry-Regiment K?nigsbr?ck (01 Oct 1934-15 Oct 1935)

Commander of the III. Battalion of the 53rd Infantry-Regiment (15 Oct 1935-20 Sep 1936)

Detached to the RWM/Army Administration Office (20 Sep 1936-06 Oct 1936)

Chief of the Clothing-Department in RKM (06 Oct 1936-04 Feb 1938)

Chief of the Clothing-Department in OKH (04 Feb 1938-01 Aug 1943)

F?hrer-Reserve OKH (01 Aug 1943-15 Sep 1943)

At the same time, Detached to the 221st Security-Division (01 Aug 1943-05 Sep 1943)

Detached to the Commanding General of Security-Troops in Army-Group-Area North (15 Sep 1943-08 Nov 1943)

Detached to the Chief of Army Armaments and Commander of the Replacement Army, General Army Office (08 Nov 1943-01 Mar 1944)

Detached to Wehrmacht-Commander in the Netherlands (01 Mar 1944-15 Apr 1944)

Field Commandant 674, Breda, later Groningen (15 Apr 1944-08 May 1945)

In British captivity (08 May 1945-27 Jun 1947)

Released (27 Jun 1947)

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That is an amazing bar Gary! Congratulations!

So this General most likely wore the uniform of an Administrative General? :cheers:

No, I don't think so. He was a regular Generalmajor, although with rear area duties (clothing department...). But he was not an official with General-equivalent rank.

SA3bX on 10.02.1915 as Leutnant in IR 106

SV3bX on 14.11.1915 as Oberleutnant in IR 106

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Dear webr55,

Thanks so much for taking the time to look this recipient up and write all of his information down. I really appreciate it. I bought the bar with the belief that it would be able to be IDed.

Now I hope to find his full records in the NARA and find out more about him.

Gary B

P.S. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Edited by Gary B
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SEK3X on 30.07.15. The Schwarzburg rolls say RIR 106, but that might be an error.

Thanks Dave! He seemed to be a fairly highly decorated officer for that early in WWI . He must have peaked early to have been "relegated" to rear area assignments during WWII!!

Gary B

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One thing I forgot. His Princely Schwarzburg Honor Cross was from Rudolstadt.

Thanks again, Dave. I had heard that the cypher on the reverse would help in identifiying the issuing state (or something close to that, I am not an Imperial collector - but I might be tempted to pick up some more Imperial items!)

Gary B

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