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Henry the Lion Commander cross Pic

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A friend of mine on another forum recently aquired this CDV of a high ranking naval officer wearing many awards including a Henry the Lion Commander cross. Can a name be put to this CDV? Would feel that he is a member of the Royal Houshold for Brunswick?

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This is Herwarth Schmidt von Schwind (1866-1941) circa 1905 as Korvettenkapit?n zur See (8.10.1902) and (the aiguilettes) Personal Adjutant of Prince Heinrich of Prussia-- in which capacity he served from 1 October 1901 to 30 September 1905.

He had these awards in 1905.

Final rank Vizeadmiral zS 14.10.17 as commander of central Baltic minesweeping and patrol forces.

Great portrait.

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Greetings to All:

I am the friend Mr. Huxley persuaded to join your company.

Rick, thank you for all the information regarding von Schwind. Hopefully, these additional scans will be useful. I must say that Ferd. Urbahns, the portrait photographer, had one heck of a lens. The amount of detail revealed by the digital enlargement is amazing.

Best regards,




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The Henry the Lion is the very first, or top, cross. Since you can't really see the Henry the Lion in all it's glory here's a photo:


Hello Mike,

WOW!!! :jumping: That's a BEAUTIFUL Order!!! :jumping: Thanks for the information and the great pics.

:beer: Doc

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Gents, I'm trying to track down more information about Schmidt von Schwind, in particular when he received his Chinese Double Dragon.

Did he serve in China during the Boxer Rebellion? This would seem most likely as a number of Allied captains and majors received the Third Class around 1901 in the aftermath of the crisis.

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He was granted permission to wear the Double Dragoon per Order of 12 December 1894 as published in the Marine-Verordnungsblatt. He had been serving as the First Officer of the Gunboat SMS Iltis on the East Asian Station. He was the Artillery officer of SMS Brandenburg during the Boxer Rebellion and as such received the Chinadenkmünze für Kämpfer.



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Thanks Glenn, this is much appreciated. 

The First Type Double Dragon neck badges were awarded right up to 1901.  Breast stars were introduced around 1894 and there were a flurry of awards in 1896 to German citizens with the star corpus made by Godet. This likely coincided with the visit of Viceroy Li Hongzhang to Germany that year.

It appears that where awards were conferred in Beijing, they were the First Type neck badge only.


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