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I got yesterday two new ribbon bars! Some information would be great.

Especially about the three place one... is the last ribbon Life Saving medal or Westwall medal? Also what period Prussian Red Cross medal would be? Was those awarded as well after 1918?

Its my first ribbon bar with the Olympic award ribbon!!! :jumping:

And two place ribbon bar. What would be the second ribbon? Westwall?



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Thanks Heiko and Paul! Even if the first one is bad then I didnt lose much. :catjava: Just hard to get those lessons this way, same time there is nothing to do :blush: .

Heiko, can you please point out for a study reasons what indicate that or is it the combination what dont make sense (missing Hindenburg, etc)?

Thanks! :beer:

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prussian red cross was issued well into the weimar period

But for WWI action, wasn't it? However, I don't like that bar - even if it didn't glow under black light (does it?). It glows yet without black light to me...


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All I can be certain of

is a certificate I have

for a 3rd class medal

with a date of 1923

I have seen somewhere in a book

that they were issued until 1924

but can't remeber which book

its not in the first 3 I took off the shelf

but the bar doesn't look right to me either

its rather hard for me to imagine

3rd class PRK being of highest precident

when would that be the case?

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