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Unissued Pebbled Heer

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Hey guys....Took in a militaria show today and found a real nice treasure! It's an unissued, mint Heer buckle from Gustav Brehmer! This is my "mintiest" pebbled heer by far! Dated 1940 and well marked! She's a welcome addition to the collection.

This one got me thinking of you Ben! hahahaha Question for you - when did they stop making the pebbled Heer buckles?

Hope you guys like it! I think she's awesome! ;)



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Rob, I am well jealous :speechless1: mate that is one nice buckle, if you ever let it go you know who to ask :D Quite an rarity also in that by 1940 steel buckles were introduced and you do not see many Alu buckles made after 1939, so probably one of some of the last Alu buckles to be made, very good find mate ;)

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Hey Ben...I'm glad you like it buddy! I thought you might. When the day comes - you'll be the guy! ;)

Thanks for the info! I thought 1940 was the year that the steel buckle was introduced...I agree: this must have been one of the last to be made before the total conversion!

By the way - it was the first buckle I came across at the show....sure did a double take on it! hahaha

Thanks again for the info!



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Hi guys, this is the official M4 makers list:

M4/1 Ferdinand Hoffst?tter, Bonn

M4/2 M. Winter, M?nchen

M4/3 Kallenbach, Meyer & Franke, Luckenwalde

M4/4 Gustav Emil Ficker, Beierfeld

M4/5 Leistner & Co., L?denscheid

M4/6 C. & W. Meindel-Scholer, Klingenthal

M4/7 Hermann Sprenger, Iserlohn

M4/8 Rudolf Wachtler & lange Mittweida

M4/9 Albert Winges, Trusen

M4/10 Bernhard Haarmann, L?denscheid

M4/11 August Enders AG, Ludenscheid

M4/12 Mathias Kutsch, Attendorn

M4/13 Paul Schuhmacher, L?denscheid

M4/14 Otto Fechler, Bernsbach

M4/15 Paul Meybauer, Berlin

M4/16 Robert Tummler, Dobeln

M4/17 Ernst Meissner, Hohenlimburg

M4/18 Julius Bauer & S?hne, Zella-Mehlis

M4/19 Ernst Schneider, L?denscheid

M4/20 Hillenbrand & Broer, Ludenscheid

M4/21 Hans Schonfelder, Mittweida

M4/22 Christian Theodor Dicke, Ludensheid

M4/23 Franke & Co., L?denscheid

M4/24 Friedrich Linden, L?denscheid

M4/25 Noelle & Huck, L?denscheid

M4/26 Offenberg-Engels, Iserlohn

M4/27 Overhoff & Cie, L?denscheid

M4/28 Paulmann & Crone, L?denscheid

M4/29 K. E Brahm, F?rth

M4/30 Berg & Nolte, L?denscheid

M4/31 Max Haufe, Grossrohrsdorf

M4/32 Gebr?der Hahne, L?denscheid

M4/33 J. D. von Hagen G.m.b.H., Iserlohn

M4/34 Nordwall & Welschehold, Dransfeld & Co, Menden

M4/35 Moeller & Schr?der, Offenbach

M4/36 Knopffabrik von Hofe & Co., L?denscheid

M4/37 Stefan Merkl, N?rnberg

M4/38 Richard Sieper & S?hne, L?denscheid

M4/39 F W. Assmann & S?hne, L?denscheid

M4/40 Giesse & Schmidt, Ruhla

M4/41 Schmal & Schulz, Wuppertal-Barmen

M4/42 Hermann Aurich, Dresden

M4/43 R. A. Erbe, Schmalkalden

M4/44 Paul Cramer & Co., L?denscheid

M4/45 Cramer & Dombach, L?denscheid

M4/46 Wilhelm Schroder & Co., L?denscheid

M4/47 Ebberg & Co., L?denscheid

M4/48 P C Turch Wwe, Ludenscheid

M4/49 Steinhauer & Luck, L?denscheid

M4/50 Willi Thuy, L?denscheid

M4/51 Homer & Dittermann, Wuppertal-Bannen

M4/52 Linden & Funke G.m.b.H., Iserlohn

M4/53 Zieh-Press-und Stanzwerk G.m.b.H., Zwintschona

M4/54 Wilhelm Annetsberger, M?nchen

M4/55 Julius Kremp, L?denscheid

M4/56 Friedrich Keller, Oberstein

M4/57 Julius Maurer, Oberstein

M4/58 Wilhelm Deus, Solingen

M4/59 Adolf Baumeister, L?denscheid

M4/60 Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen

M4/61 Julius Dinnebier, L?denscheid

M4/62 Arld Heinrich, N?rnberg

M4/63 Werner Redo, Saarlautern

M4/64 Otto Geiger, L?denscheid

M4/65 Georg Bonitz, Schwarzenberg

M4/66 Stimming & Venzlaff, Altenburg

M4/67 Emil Juttner, L?denscheid

M4/68 Norddeutsches Nickel-und Silberwaren G.m.b.H., Hamburg

M4/69 Meyer & Wilhelm, Stuttgart

M4/70 Kugel & Fink, L?denscheid

M4/71 Lehmann & Wundenberg, Hannover

M4/72 Wilhelm Deumer, L?denscheid

M4/73 Lohmann & Welschehold, Meinerzhagen

M4/74 Wilhelm Geiger G.m.b.H.; L?denscheid

M4/75 Walter Demmer, L?denscheid

M4/76 Petz & Koch, Unterreichenbach

M4/77 Gebr?der Gloerfeld, L?denscheid

M4/78 E K. Vogelsang & Co., L?denscheid

M4/79 Hillenbrand & Br?er, L?denscheid

M4/80 Lind & Meyrer, Oberstein

M4/81 Inhaber Frau Johanna Kaukal, Wien

M4/82 List & Hertl, Wien

M4/83 (unknown as yet)

M4/84 Grossmann & Co., Wien

M4/85 Friedrich Bibus & Sohn, Mahrisch-Trubau

M4/86 Sohni, Heubach & Co., Oberstein

M4/87 Matthias Salcher & S?hne, Wagstadt

M4/88 August Hieke, Tyssa bei Bodenbach

M4/89 Reichelmann & Co, Tellnitz bei Aussig

M4/90 Adolf Grohmann & Sohn, Wurbenthal

M4/91 (unknown as yet)

M4/92 Heinrich Ulbrichts Witwe, Wien

M4/93 Lenkwerk Br?der Schneider, Wien

M4/94 Raimond Moser, Wien

M4/95 Franz Weinrank, Wien

M4/96 Eans Pacher, Wien

M4/97 Friedrich Orth, Wien

M4/98 Franz Petzl, Wien

M4/99 Franke & Sohn, Heidenreichenstein

M4/100 Rudolf Menschiga, Wien

M4/101 Dominik Sch?nbaumsfelds & Sohn, Wien

M4/102 Wilhelm Prym, Wien

M4/103 Rudolf Schanes, Wien

M4/104 Philipp Turka, Wien

M4/105 Argentorwerk Rust Hetzel, Wien

M4/106 Maria Schenkl, Wien

M4/107 Frank & Reif Stuttgart

M4/108 Adalbert Kanngieser, Wien

M4/109 Rudolf & Karl Kraus, Solingen

M4/110 Josef Felix & S?hne, Gablonz

M4/111 (unknown as yet)

M4/112 (unknown as yet)

M4/113 (unknown as yet)

M4/114 Otto Honsel, Werdohl

M4/115 Klein & Quenzer, Idar-Oberstein

M4/116 CamiIl Bergmann & Co., Gablonz

M4/117 W. Aurich, Leipe

M4/118 Werner Redo Saarlautern (reissued)

M4/119 Eugen Schmiedh?usler, Pforzheim

M4/120 Karl Hensler, Pforzheim

M4/121 (unknown as yet)

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This is a list of non M4 makers, there are lots and lots guys, this is what I actually know of:

1: C W Motz, Brandenberg

2: Robert Dold, Offenberg (RODO)

3: Schmidt & Co, Schwelm

4: J C Maedicke, Berlin

5: J Deutschebein GmbH, Euskirchen

6: L Gottlieb & Sohne, Oberstein

7: Gebruder Albert, Menden

8: HCH Schwerter, Menden

9: Schmole & Comp, Menden

10: Werner Linker, Duisberg

11: Wilhelm Binder, Schwab Gmund

12: Kollmann & Jourdan, Pforzheim

13: Hermann Knoller, Pforzheim

14: Gebruder Deyhle, Schwab Gmund

15: Friedrich Turch, Ludenscheid

16: Franz Reischauer, Oberstein

17: P.C Turch, Ludenscheid

18: Louis Keller, Oberstein

19: Gustav Hermann Osang, Dresden

20: Philipp Turka, Wien

21: Heinrich Ulbrichts Witwe, Wien

22: Schmal & Schulz, Wuppertal-Barmen

23: K & N Kurbi u Niggeloh, Radevormwald

24: E F Weidmann, Frankfurt A.M

25: Ehrhadt & Firsten, Leipzig

Edited by Ben
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If you need any info on any of these makers ie makers marks etc have a look at this site that I Moderate, it is quite useful :D

<a href="http://warrelics.eu/forum/german-third-reich-equipment-accessories/250-m4-makers.html" target="_blank">http://warrelics.eu/forum/german-third-rei...-m4-makers.html</a>


Thank You for amazing list.

All the best :beer:


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