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    Hi folks,

    During the first semester of this year I purchased a 2nd Model LW Dagger, for a nice price (I?m not a dagger guy but the price was good). As it is my only dagger I decided to build a display around it. I started to buy some items connected to Luftwaffe and when I put everything together, I finally see that it could be named as ... "STUKA Display".

    The Stuka is the natural choice mainly because of the Silver Clasp for Bomber and, sure, the "Immelmann Geschwader" cufftitle. For those not familiar with the unit, this was the honor name for the Stukageschwader 2 (St.G 2), later renamed Schlachtgeschwader 2 (SG 2). Its most famous pilot was, of course, Hans-Ulrich Rudel.

    The box is a modified display for jewelry with glass top.

    Hope you enjoy it this humble display.


    IPB Image

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    Thanks for the link! Very nice pictures. The Hauptmann with scar in the face is Dr. med. Ernst Gadermann (1913-1973), the Rudel?s last rear gunner and the guy who save him when he was wounded in the leg by Russian Flak on February 9th, 1945.

    All the best,



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