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    Its those fascist arrows again!

    Sal Williams

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    just the man we were waiting to hear from! Can you tell us what year it would be from and who would wear it and what it signifies?

    best, Sal

    My knowledge about Falange symbols is very limited, and I can not explain for sure the number on the back of the badge.

    On the other hand, bear in mind that Spaniards are not so "prone to regulations" as Germans. There as many different forms of Falange symbols as different manufacturers, because their dimensions and use were not regulated. Anybody who would want to show his support to the Falange movement could buy a yoke-and-arrows badge, and the size, shape and material was limited only by budget and personal taste.

    I know that the Falangist Medalla de la Vieja Guardia (Old Fighter Medal) was engraved with the recipient's name and party number, but in my humble opinion the number on Sal's badge could be the manufacturing lot.

    The Falangist movement started some years before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936) and there are some "nostalgics" that still belong to extreme-right political parties that claim to be the "true heirs of the Falange" and use its symbols, therefore is difficult to date the badge. Generally speaking, older badges are of much higher quality (some of them made in silver). The badges that are sold today in extreme-right shops are of very low quality.

    Best regards

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    The "Medalla de la Vieja Guardia":


    According to regulations:

    La Medalla ir? grabada por una sola cara que servir? de frente, dejando la otra para ser grabada sobre ella el nombre y los apellidos del concesionario, el n?mero del carnet que acredite su calidad de Vieja Guardia y el a?o de filiaci?n al Partido


    [...] The reverse shall be engraved with the name of the recipient, his party ID card number proofing his condition of "Old Fighter" and the year he joined the party.

    Best regards

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