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    Capt. Winkler's Maxim

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    This is one of my most favorite recent finds. It is a solid silver model of a Maxim machine gun on a tripod. I found a WW I photo on the internet that is the spittin' image of this gun.

    The plaque reads: 153rd Baku Regiment to Staff Captain B. F. Winkler for the Capture of Fort Dolangez January 30 1916.

    The case is almost certainly recently made or at least recently restored. Looks like figured walnut to me.

    The gun itself weighs 96.38 grams. It is 127.93 mm long and 104.86 mm high, base to top of sights. It is said to have been made by his troops to honor him.

    I can find nothing in English on the internet about this battle. However, I did make copies of a few pages in a 1936 Russian book about WW I on the Turkish Front. Fort Dolangez was a key position in the Battle of Erzurum. I am informed, but cannot otherwise prove, that Captain Winkler led his machine gun company in a pivotal role in the capture of the fort.

    Coincidentally, I once owned some documents of a Soviet general that included his report on the Battle of Erzurum and mentioned Captain Winkler. Unfortunately I sold them several years ago, never thinking that they might support a find like this.


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    Are you 100% sure that the box and the gun go together? The compartments in the box seem to be set up a bit different.

    Either way... a super find !!!!

    * * * * *

    Hi Chris

    No, not at all and I'm sorry if I implied that. In fact, I'd say that they don't. It's just the way it came. Based on seeing a handful of period presentation pieces not entirely unlike this one, I would guess that it may have come on a wooden platter-like piece -- something that would look good as a desk piece -- with plaque attached to the platter. But that's purely a guess.


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