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Reserve Sergeant Giez Alimov

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Order booklet Zh-216370

1. Last name: Alimov

2. Name and Patrionymic: Giez

3. Rank: Reserve Sergeant

4. Sex: Male

5. Birthyear: 1924

6. Birthplace: Beshnaiman Pastdargomskii Region, Samarkand Oblast

7. Party Membership: since 1947

8. Education: Higher

9. Nationality: Uzbek

10. Service in the Red Army: 8.1942-7.1945

11. Place of service and duty position at time of awarding: 145 Rifle Division, 473 Rifle Regiment ? Rifle Squad Leader

12. Place of service and duty position at the current time: Samarkand Oblast, Pastdargomskii Region, ?Comsomol? Collective Farm, School #31 - Teacher

13. Home of Record: Samarkand Oblast, Pastdargomskii Region, Beshnaiman

14. Awards

Award Serial Number Awarder

Red Star 3.616.601 Supreme Soviet dated 12.6.68

Verified 6.11.68 by Pastdargomskii Regional Military Commissariat Lieutenant Colonel Chugin

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1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Alimov Giez

2. Rank: Reserve Sergeant

3. Duty position, unit: Rifle Squad Leader, 473 RR, 154 RD

Application for the Order of the Patriotic War II Class

4. Birthyear: 1924

5. Nationality: Uzbek

6. Party membership: since 1947

7. Participation in combat: in the GPW from 12.1942 through7.1944

8. Wounds or shell-shock: seriously wounded 11.7.44

9. Armed Forces service: 3.1942-7.1945

10. Inducted by: Pastdargom Regional Military Commissariat, Samarkand Oblast

11. Earlier awards: n/a

12. Permanent address: Samarkand Oblast, Pastdargomskii Region, Beshnaimen Collective Farm

Short Description of Combat Feat or Accomplishments

Comrade Alimov giez was an active participant in the Great Patriotic War in the defense of our Homeland. He fought in the 473 Rifle Regiment as a rifle squad leader from 12.1942 through 7.1944.

On 11 July 1944 during combat he received a serious blind shrapnel wound of his left hip with damage to the hipbone. This wounding is verified by an information memo from EvacHospital #5954 dated 26.6.1945. At the present time he is a GPW Invalid, III Category.

He works as a teacher in School #31, Pastdargomskii Region. He receives positive work evaluations.

In agreement with this awarding are Secretary of the Pastdargomskii Regional Party Committee, Comrade Sharadzhabov, and Chairman of the Pastdargomskii Regional Executive Committee, Comrade Khudaikulov.

Conclusion: For active participation in the Great Patriotic War and receiving a serious wound, he is deserving of the Order of the Patriotic War II Class.

Signed Pastdargomskii Regional Military Commissariat, Lieutenant Colonel Chuchin on 3 May 1967

Recommended downgrade to Order of Glory III Class by Acting Samarkand Oblast Military Commissariat Chief Lieutenant Colonel Giyasov on 28 July 1967

Endorsed Order of Glory III Class, Military Commissar Uzbek SSR, General-Major Karimov on 4 September 1974

Awarded the Order of the Red Star after review #052 of the Turkestan Military District dated 13.11.1967, signed Acting Chief of Forces, Turkestan Military District General-Major M. Pekhterev on 6 January 1968

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:Cat-Scratch: That one went all over. Sometimes I wonder if they just closed their eyes and threw darts at a target for the recommendation!

Yet another VERY interesting (and unpredictable!!!) 3,6XX,XXX range Red Star. :cheers:

Exactly my feelings, Rick. Those late wound awards are quirky ones.

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