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    A "work work work" group?


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    And here things go a bit astray because it doesn't look right (also not all awards seperately provided are accounted for here). On the other hand, this may be a case of the recipient himself adding to the booklet? :unsure: Will eagerly await the archives opening :banger:

    By the way, to offset some of the horror stories about dealers, I received this set for FREE as a thank you for helping somebody out with an item in his collection :cheers:

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    polar star 10847 <-- missing in the booklet

    the booklet contains an extra award - have to look up what it is - suspect a medal

    the intervals of some of the orders in the booklet strongly suggest long service awards to me

    also note the typo in the booklet for one of the labor orders

    I'm inclined to (wishfully) think that a person with bad intentions would do this so clumsily

    Besides, I received it from somebody I definately trust

    Would love to find out the story behind this group (of course) :jumping:

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    interesting also that the second/later of the two labour orders has a lower serial number than the earlier one.....


    Such strange things happen, if we assume all the entries are legitimate. I still have queasiness.

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    Based on the known observations a timing estimate vs. what's in the order booklet

    - labor medal: Nr 427 1946 or earlier 1944

    - labor order: 2770 1960 1966

    - labor order: 3495 somewhere 60s 1956

    - polar star: 5181 52 or so 1951

    - polar star 10847 62 or so not in the order booklet

    - polar star: 14799 71 or so 1971


    - 2 polar stars seem to fit fine

    - something funny with the labor orders

    - interesting datapoint on labor medal as previous low was 1946

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