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Nothing spectacular!!! :Cat-Scratch:


:jumping::jumping::jumping: That is indeed on a WOMAN'S bow mounting.

The only complete year published was 1912-- with 994 TOTAL per the late Eric Ludvigsen's statistical studies. There were 510 up to when the 1913 Ordensliste stopped, so presumably that and 1914 would have been the same or higher annual figures before the war changed "normal."

I doubt more than a handful went to women.

VERY spectacular, indeed! :jumping::jumping: :cheers:

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Hi Micha, I cannot recall ever seeing this cross cased before. I'm sure cases could be purchased at a jeweler, but I can't remember ever seeing this one cased/boxed as it came from a jeweler. The case is most often associated with those two awards, if you look at the "cut-out" depression I'll bet the cross you have doesn't really set in there very well. As an example, here's an MEZ1 cased....

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