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    2nd pattern Fallschirmj?gersch?tzenabzeichen

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    For those who consider Deumer parts badges to be of a higher quality than those from Juncker. :rolleyes:

    Unlike the majority of Deumer marked badges which were produced with parts supplied by C.E Juncker, this is one of those early all Deumer parts pieces.

    The materials used;

    Wreath: Nickel Silver.

    Eagle: Brass.


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    Hi JTW,

    That's a fantastic early Deumer you've managed to find there - my congratulations! :cheers:

    I've only seen two or three with the silver nickle wreath!! Can you supply a weight please?!


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    I?m not sure if this is contributing much to this conversation, but here is another Deumer/Junker para badges. Here is one with the Junker clipped toe eagle. The badge has a blackened/burnished wreath, brass eagle, and is heaviest para badge I?ve owned. Sorry, I don?t have the weight on it! Sorry for the bad photos!



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