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    I'm just gonna keep doing this 'til Megan hollers "Uncle!"

    INDONESIA - Satya Lancana Kesetiaan XXIV Tahun, ABRI (Armed Forces), (24 Years service), Mint

    Hj Machmud Arief, Surabaya, 3/91

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    Satya Lancana Gerakan Operasi Militar VIII (GOM), (Kalimantan 1961), (Borneo also called Konfrontasi or Confrontation by the Brits.)

    More tomorrow; gotta go watch reruns of "The Sopranos".

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    I'm not going to say 'Uncle' - rather, "Thank you very much."

    Please can you tell me (by PM if you prefer) your last name, Hugh, for the acknowledgements.

    Hugh Tulloch - St. Petersburg, Florida. By any chance, are you coming across to the OMSA meeting?

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    far and awa the best collection i have eer seen of asian medals,it musta taken you years tae collect them!


    50 years to be exact. Hang on, I'm nowhere near finished.

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    Sorry - up to Wira Dharma, they were in order of precedence, but I got out of order overnight. The proper order of precedence is shown in the earlier post listing all.

    Trikora (Satya Lancana Satya Dharma) - Irian Jaya - 1962, Mint, ABRI (Armed Forces),

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    Note for Ulsterman - the GOM's are individual campaign medals (as I'm sure you have surmised). The location and date is in the title for each of them (I think). For example, GOM III is for Republik Malaku Selatan 1950 (South Mollucas 1950). It probably doesn't help that I left the names in Indonesian instead of the English equivalents.

    Here's Satya Lancana Penegak, 1965, (PKI - Sukarno/Suharto), Mint, ABRI (Armed Forces),

    This was the overthrow of Sukarno by Suharto and a group of generals. They used the pretext of growing Chinese communist influence (which was very real) and killed hundreds of thousands, mainly ethnic Chinese.

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    Satya Lancana Seroja Timur Timur (East Timor 1970), Mint, ABRI (Armed Forces),

    If I remember correctly, the Portuguese Revolution against Salazar took place in 1975, so this was an action against the Portuguese colony of East Timor before independence. You'll remember that it was also the site of a fracas between the Indons and E. Timor in the '90's. The Aussies had to come in and put the lid on. I'm guessing they have a new medal for that, but i haven't been back in a long time.

    Edited by Hugh
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