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Hildebrand/Lohmann Kriegsmarine 3 volume set

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If you are not familiar with the Hildebrand and Lohmann 3 volume set of books title "Die Deutsch Kriegsmarine 1939-1945" you should be. The first 2 volumes details ALL ships and histories during the war and also the entire command structure. For example you can learn the complete details of what U-660 did during the war. Volume 3 is 820 pages of officers information and details their assignments during the war, it has over 4000 entries. Volume 3 also has over 240 officer pictures. Below is a pic of the books. The books were done during the late 1950's. The set is extremely rare and much sought after. It usually sells for near 300 euros for all 3 volumes. Now in the process of reprinting Volume 3.

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As you can probable guess I have the authors permission to reprint the books. I am starting with Volume 3 and it should be available early to mid September. I will be making a special offer to forum members. Volume 3 will be paperback with a very durable cover and spine. The price will be extremely reasonable, expecially to those buying with the Euro.

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The books are in!!! The price is $44.95. I don't have shipping charges yet since I need to receive the mailing box. When I return from the MAX show the second week of October I will have shipping charges. I have plenty of books go don't worry.

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Just got mine and it is TERRIFIC!!!!! The print quality is excellent and the information on Kriegsmarine officers is, of course, The Bible for any German navy collectors.

For all of us who were not adults in 1964 :speechless1: when the original series came to an end, this is the first chance in 44 years to get a new edition. :jumping::jumping::jumping:

Example: I am robotically transcribing the Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1914-18 award rolls, and came across one Leutnant der Reserve (Marine-Infanterie) Wilhelm Hornack who--improbable as it seems--joined the Kriegsmarine as an (E) officer of the zur See corps.. Rank Lists show him (if it WAS him--there are no birth dates in Rank Lists) alive when the Second War started and then...


Which is because he was killed in action 14 April 1940 commanding the Marine Sto?truppabteilung. First name and birth date given in Hildebrand verified with the 1914-18 Honor Rank List. :rolleyes:

I had long ago abandoned hope of being able to find an affordable original set-- they were issued in sections, punched for 3 ring binders back then so sections are often missing.

It is very lucky for us that Herr Hildebrand has graciously allowed publication of this new edition for our generation and future generations. Paul's reprint is a convenient size, easily readable--thank goodness no horrrid Gothic typeface!

This is a must have for Kriegsmarine officer collectors and researchers. :cheers:

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