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Red Eagle Order III with bow-style ribbon

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Hi gents,

I just got this nice award document from ebay:

Red Eagle Order 3th class with the bow-style ribbon

(Roter Adler Orden 3.Klasse mit der Schleife)

Otto Budde, member of the managing board of "Fried. Krupp AG", got it on 30. December 1907.

He lived in Essen ("an der Ruhr") between 1848 and 1909.

But that?s all information I found.

Does anybody have more information about him? What else did he award?

By the way, this document was originally signed by Wilhelm II., common for this class of the Red Eagle Order.

Best regards


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His Orders Almanac entry has no date or place of birth. He then listed:

RAO4, KO3, WF3a, Bulgarian St Alexander 4, Chinese Double Dragon 2c, Danish Dannebrog 2b, Netherlands Oranje-Nassau 3, and Swedish Vasa 2b.v

Thank you Rick for your fast reply.

Very nice mix of international orders :rolleyes:



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The award date for his Dannebrog order (Commander 2. class) was 28. Feb. 1903.

He is listed as "Budde, Otto Carl Ernst, Engineer, Director at the Krupp factory in Essen."

I can't find him in the Swedish Vasa list from 1900, so that one was probably awarded 1900 or later.


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He MUST have been listed in one of the earlier editions of the German Who's Who-- "Wer Ists'?" But I only have the 1935 edition, and he is not in that, nor in the "Nekrolog" of previous edition (1928) listed people who died in between.

I never have any luck google searching, but I'm surprised he doesn't turn up someplace online.

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...but where are his other award documents????

Best regards


:rolleyes: Patience, Solomon, patience. Often if one document is ?out there? (on the market) so are the others. That is to say that they are no longer with the family, but are now scattered about. The question is where.

The first document I ever got was to a major for a Prussian Crown Order, third class, in 1908. About five years later I came across, and bought, his L?beck Hanseatic Cross and Prussian War Help Cross documents which were dated 1918 and he was a General Major. :jumping:

Meanwhile, I found that he had also been awarded the PLM in 1918. Patience and hope. Sure enough, about five years later the PLM document surfaced - with the PLM! Unfortunately this was far beyond my means :( ; but hopefully, I make my point.

As I said, patience and I wish you good luck, :cheers:

Wild Card

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