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Marshal of Bulgaria's Star neck badge

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Oh my. :love:

It is interesting to see that the reverse clip from the days when that slid into the button hole of a closed collar tunic is still there. As worn in the photo the star is way down on his tie, with NO sign of the neck ribbon being worn:

I wonder if there is a pinback no suspension loop version of this star?

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Thank you very much for the information.

Is this badge properly a "Marshal's Star"? When was it instituted?

And, last but not least (although this could sound a stupid question), who's the bulgarian General in the picture?

Best wishes,


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This is Marshal's Star of course.

On picture - Minister of Defence Добри Джуров .

The first 5 stars were made in Moskow Mondvor from gold with real diamonds.

Then this stars were made in Bulgaria from gold also but with synthetic stones.

This is all that I know abt Marshal's Star. :(

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I have heard different stories for this decoration. Some say, 9 were made in the USSR and 7 were given to Bulgarian generals /this was a decoration for Army Generals - Армейски генерал/. Other sources say 5 were made in the USSR, 4 by the Bulgarian Mint.

As mentioned, 7 were given to Generals /though some sources say 5 were given/. Some of them are: Dobri Djurov, Petar Panchevski, Ivan Mihaylov, Yordan Mutafchiev, Ivan Kinov.

The project was made by Raycho Peev, who made some more Bulgarian orders, medals and award items. The statute of the decoration was published in the main communist newspaper "Rabotnichesko delo" on 9 May 1978.

This decoration could not be inherited - once the General is dead, it must be returned to the State, in the face of the National Military-Historical Museum. At least Djurov's star is there, recently saw the display with his Marshal uniform and the star of the neck. /on the other hand, I think Djurov was never a Marshal and such a rank was never in the Bulgarian system - intended, even uniform made, but never official, I think/.

Be very careful about good deals!!! The Bulgarian Mint made 9 copies for local collectors, in the early 1990's. There is some kind of secrecy about those copies - it is said there are little differences from the originals, but what - kept secret. The owners signed declarations these would never be for sale etc. etc. but it seems at least one is already sold. And I guess who made 9, could make 19... So, beware! Anything you will be offered, will be a copy, most likely!

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