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Virgins On Tractors

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There was a medal for the cultivation of virgin lands awarded in the 1950s-- though have never seen an actual BEGINNING or END year for bestowals of that.

This is a screwback badge found at today's monthly show, which from the construction and enamels appears roughly the same Khruschev era, late 1950s-1960s, incription stating it is from the Central Committee of the Komsomol for "liberation of new lands."

Does anyone know if this was given before, during, or after the period for which the ribboned medaal was bestowed, or whether this was for a lesser length of service as a pioneer farm "volunteer?"

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Ah, so AFTER the ribboned medal. :cheers:

This is a heavy metal badge with good quality real enamel, so it looks earlier than that.


I going from memory here, but this one is from 1958, and was awarded to Komsomol members only. The medal was an altogether different type of reward.

Rick, it is "Освоение" not "Освобождение", so no "liberation" here :rolleyes:


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