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Based upon what I know of ships and Uboats from reading and my service onboard ships, I would guess the postions that would be on a u-boat or sub of the time would be...

1. Engineers(1officer, and techs)

2. Weapons(1 officer,armorers/techs)

3. Deck/Watch(1 officer/deck watchstanders)

4. Communications/Direction finder(1 officer/ watchstanders)

5. Operations Dept(1 officer...perhaps the XO)

6. Cook

7. Medic or Doctor

Of course tasks like gunnery teams, shipboard firefighting teams, boarding teams, and other special evolutions outside the normal daily routine would be covered by certain people as secondary positions or billets.

For example... boarding/Shore Party(this type of team would be used to board a ship at sea) evolutions would have three teams. Team 1 might consist of the Engineer officer, a deck Petty Officer, and the team crewmen might consist of the cook, and a deck seaman(Matrose). Team two would consist of another set of people to include one officer, one NCO, and two junior personnel... and etc.

The obermatrose could trained to fill any junior postion except that of engineering... he could be a cook, deck watch stander, or signalman...

The machinest mate's sole role(barring any secondary positions) would be strictly within the Engineering Dept.

I hope that I am correctly answering your question.(again, I am speaking in general terms here)



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Yes he could.

Either of them could be deck gunner assistants(as Surface Battle Station postions would be one of those secondary billets I spoke of earlier). The first one would be the one most likely in charge of the gun though.

A man trained as an armorer(weapons caretaker/expert) would be the OberMatrose.

The engineer would most likely fill the loader/ammo bearer billet during Surface Battle Stations.


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