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    While I just lost the bid on ebay for the photo, I am glad I have a copy to go with the cap tally that I do own. Very rare tally and equally rare photo. Worn prior to the complete absorption of the Naval Air arm of the Kriegsmarine into the Luftwaffe. The book "Operation Drumbeat" relating to U-123 talks in great detail about the days of the independent naval air arm. Many of those pilots went into U-boat service when the change was ordered. John

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    It was very short lived as this German outline reveals:

    Luftwaffenkommando See

    Aufgestellt am 4. Februar 1938 aus dem Luftkreis-Kommando 6 in Kiel und dem Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe unterstellt. Am 1. Februar 1939 aufgel?st.


    04.02.1938 - 01.02.1939 General der Flieger Zander

    Chef des Stabes

    04.02.1938 - 01.02.1939 Oberst Bruch


    04.02-1938 - 01.02.1939 Luftzeuggruppe See

    04.02-1938 - 01.02.1939 F?hrer der Seeluftstreitkr?fte

    04.02-1938 - 01.02.1939 Flakkommandeur Kiel

    04.02-1938 - 01.02.1939 Kommando der Fliegerschulen und Ersatzabteilungen See

    04.02-1938 - 01.02.1939 Kommando der Luftdienstverb?nde

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