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    Luftwaffe Bahnhofswache

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    Every reference I have seen until now has referred to Bahnhofswache as being army personnel. Here is proof that the Luftwaffe were involved too, and had their own troops employed on these duties.

    Waffenfarbe looks dark. I bet that it was more of a collateral duty than a speciality, so I dont think that waffenfarbe would have been a factor here. What do you think?

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    Guest Rick Research

    Any clue where it was taken?

    Presumably a Luftwaffe man would be more familiar with his own service's travel documents etc etc for checking on military travellers...

    so on that basis it wouldn't surprise me to see naval personnel either in places like Hamburg or Wilhelmshaven.

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    Another little gem from EBay.

    Sold as Feldgendarmerie which is reasonable considering the Gorget.

    However, a few other clues are present. Firstly the lack of cuffband or arm-eagle, though it wouldn't preclude a 1944-45 Feldgendarme, is a sign it may be something different. Certainly doesn't look like a late war shot.

    On the original print, it is just possible to see that the detail at the ends of the half moon Gorget isn't circular ( i.e. the button which would be expected) and is set a little further down.

    It is in fact an eagle, not a button on the Gorget, and the soldier isn't a Feldgendarm, but an Infantryman on duty as a member of the Bahnhofswache.

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    Of course another important clue is the notice board which clearly indicates the photo was taken at a railway station.

    Small and grainy though it might be, photos of Bahnhofswache are very, very hard to find and proof that EBay is still a great hunting ground for good stuff.

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    The lack of arm eagle and cuffband doesn't preclude Feldgendarmerie but although the detail of the Gorget isn't clear - its enough to tell that the lettering does not spell out "Feldgendarmerie, which has only three "tall" letters ( l, d and a second d ) but Bahnhofswache which has four "tall" letters and in different places. :cheers:

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    I just love the way sellers of photos assume anyone with a Gorget is Feldgendarmerie.

    Another rare photo of a Bahnhofswache guard sold as Feldgendarmerie at a low price.


    Great photo with Gorget.

    All the best


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