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    Hero of Soviet Union awardings

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    Ignoring all the awardings for physical (military) courage, the birthday or other "political" / propaganda awardings (e.g. athletes), did this award ever get presented for MORAL courage?

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ed and I are in complete agreement (again) there. "Internal standards" are... relative to the where and when of each place and time.

    If you mean civil valor, I suppose the medals for saving life from drowning and fire were awarded instead. Oddly low precedence for those, but then every system sets its own peculiar rankings as to how individual awards are "valued" in placement with each other.

    I can't recall ever hearing of a case where a MILITARY Gold Star was awarded for such non-combat heroism.

    It is unfortunate that so many were handed out as jubilee awards to fossilized Old Comrades and so on but apparently (?) never for the sort of civic bravery that always SHOULD be recognized somehow.

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    sort of civic bravery that always SHOULD be recognized somehow.

    So possibly one should then think,ok that's what the hero of labor is maybe somewhat for... But I get the impression those are essentially awarded for long work, useful inventions, and "popular" artists. No awardings however to "incorrect" people... Eg during grobatsjov era, no dissidents from the past were "reinstated" and "legitimized" by a hero award?

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