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Order of the Star of the Romania

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The award has been founded in 1948 by the Decree №40 in 5 сlasses and modified in 1964 and 1966 .It was the highest award of the general character and was awarded over for the special merits reached in a public and political life, directed on development of a socialist system, preservation of freedom and national independence.

It is necessary to notice that as well as the majority of the Romanian awards of those times, this order was made of gold for high-ranking officials and from silver and bronze for mass rewardings.

Also it is necessary to know that these orders were the big size and small. While there is no accurate opinion (knowledge) why. There are some versions:

1. For rewarding foreigners.

2. For rewarding women.

3. For rewarding of officials of local administrations.

I will be grateful for entering of clearness into this question.


Type 1.

There are few variants:

- early orders ( 1 - 5 cl.) were numbered;

- different suspension ( 3- 5 cl.). You can see 3 cl. on picture.

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I have found the Romanian translation of an OMSA article on the communist Order of the Star of Romania in a Romanian numismatics magazine, Colectionarul Roman. It describes several types and versions of this order as they appeared from discussions with former managers of the State Mint. To download the magazine, right-click on Descărcare and choose "Save Target As...".

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many thanks Anatoly. I still remeber the 1st class type 1 star with box and diploma that was sold by Igor M. many years ago. Very expensive.

You show a 5th class type 1, with a large diploma to George Sprinceanea: it is mine! you took the picture on ebay?

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Were older, changed models of awards supposed to be turned in for the new current designs-- or could the old types still be worn?

As far as I know, they were not turned in. But on the other hand, wearing decorations was not very popular for people outside the military.

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It's been a while since this thread had any activity, but I recently got a small size first type second class star and thought I would share. It's silver and unmarked and it is of really high quality and quite massive, even if it is a small size star. I am pretty happy to have this in my collection now. I also have a 5th class first pattern badge that is actually numbered on the suspension ring. These early Romanian decorations are really something else...

I would love to know if there are any figures on roughly how many of these were awarded.

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