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    To me it seems to be the knights cross(3rd class the order had 3 classes knight, officer and commander) of the french order of social merit. It was established in 1936 and abolished in 1963 with the institution of the national order of merit.


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    Yes it is one of the most common medals we can find in France (for now). But note it is one of the most unfamiliar, even for the French.

    It has been largely disseminated between 1936 and 1963. A lot of manufacturers got it. Therefore, there are a lot of different models.

    For example, the official model (officer) is like this... look at the differences with the models above. The obvious one are the buttons, not present on the regular model, but there are many others:




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    The stars made by jewellers are the best choice, and you are lucky palencia, there is one.

    Here is another, made by Aubert, with the center in gold in two parts on the observe :


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