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  1. Here is a link to an article about Serbian and Yugoslav diplomatic uniforms on the website of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It lists all the uniform ranks at the end with specifications. http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/diplomatic-tradition/diplomatic-consular-suits Best Ivan
  2. Here is a link to a photo that I found today on the website of the National Portrait Gallery in the UK: http://www.npg.org.uk/collections/search/portraitLarge/mw235312/Probably-Prince-Iesato-Tokugawa?sort=dateDesc&search=sa&sText=LAFAYETTE+%28Ltd%29&LinkID=mp08092&role=art&displayStyle=list&displayNo=60&wPage=25&rNo=1509 It is titled "Probably Prince Iesato Tokugawa". He is wearing the uniform of a Japanese nobleman and on it is the star of the Order of the White Eagle of Serbia/Yugoslavia. Best Ivan
  3. Thanks for the reply Jeff. My grandfather was Yugoslav ambassador to Brazil at the time so I'd guess that all heads of diplomatic missions got this medal at the time. Ivan
  4. I found this polaroid from the 80s that has an, at least to myself, unusual variation of the 2nd Class of the Prussian Crown Order. It looks to be bejeweled and it also has the number 50 above the crown. Since it does not seem to be very common I thought I'd share this photo and ask if anybody can tell me anything about it. All the best, Ivan
  5. Looking through some of my grandfathers old papers I found this award document. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it was generally awarded for and how often? Unfortunately I can't find the medal. I have also attached a close-up of the signatures in case someone finds them interesting and can tell me something about the people. All the best, Ivan
  6. Unfortunately the author of the article is wrong about the last medal. He cited it as the Milosh Obilich Medal medal from Montengro, while it's actually Montenegro's Silver Bravery Medal. I believe that the only American to receive the Milosh Obilich in WWI was Pershing. Ivan
  7. To me it seems to be the knights cross(3rd class the order had 3 classes knight, officer and commander) of the french order of social merit. It was established in 1936 and abolished in 1963 with the institution of the national order of merit. Ivan
  8. Here is another medal bar of the same origin as the previous one I've posted. This one as far as I can tell belonged to an officer who had served at least from 1876 until 1913. The medals are from left to right Order of the Star of Karageorge Military IV degree Order of the White Eagle Civil IV degree Legion of Honour IV degree (French) Milos Obilic Bravery Medal with two oak leaf branches Peter I Enthronement Medal 1903 1 April coup d'?tat Medal 1893 Military Virtue Medal Serbo-Turkish Wars Medal 1876-1878 War with Bulgaria Medal 1885 First Balkan War Medal 1912 Second Balkan War Medal 1913 My apologies for the dark picture, hope you will still enjoy it All the best Ivan
  9. Well its not so much that I'm a lazy person but the archives are quite intimidating, theres a big yard with dogs that always seem to be extremely bloodthirsty so I can never get up the courage to ring the bell... Thank you Dragomir for this piece of information
  10. For some reason Serbia decided not to go with the crowd on that one though I can't see why.
  11. I don't think he ever became an officer, obviously he distinguished himself most in the first balkan war. Stangely enough I have no idea what the significance of a palm is on serbian awards, we'll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to answer that question As for the bravery rolls they should exist, I've been meaning to go to the national archive and make an enquiry about that and a few other things but I never get around to it, even though its a five minute walk from where I live.... I have a few other photos of serbian medal bars I'll try to post them at a later time. all the best Ivan
  12. Hello everbody, I thought that I might show you a photo of a photo of a serbian medal bar thats in the possession of an acquaintance of mine. What makes it interesting is the fact that its got the first type gold and silver bravery medals that very given out during a very short period of time (november 1912 - july 1913). They were changed to the Milos Obilic medal for bravery because soldiers complained that a womens image should not be on a medal for bravery. In case somebody doesn't know the medals are from left to right: Gold Medal for Bravery 1912 Silver Medal for Bravery 1912 Medal for Loyalty to the Fatherland (retreat through Albania) 1915 Croix de Guerre avec Palme (French) First Balkan War Medal 1912 Second Balkan War Medal 1913 First World War Medal 1914 - 1918 Enjoy Ivan
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