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Hi, I bought theese a couple of days ago and I wonder if I read them right.

The pics are from the seller but I have paid them and he?s a member of this forum so I dont think he mind if I borrow them :blush:

Am I correct in the following? EKII - Mecklenburg- Oldenburg. Braunschwieg Non Fighter- Preussen Long service- 1897 medal- Red Eagle Order IV

My Guess is that he had also EK I and maybe Braunschweig I, could that be right?

What kind of rank would get Awards from 4 diff states?

All the best from Sweden


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Hi Christer,

last ribbon is a Baden 1902 jubilee medal. No red eagle.

Otherwise You are right.

EK1 might be, Brunswick 1 not necessary.

The absence on any other pre-war awards except the last 3 allows some conclusions.

He was either a Baden native or at least serving with a Baden formation in 1902.

If he was an officer he was most likely a Captain in 1914, Major middle of the war and probably a ret. LtCol in 1919/20.

It would as well be possible that he was an NCO, but this is more theoretical. Awards from 4 different countries in WW1 were usually a sign for a staff type Officer unless our guy was maybe a kind of a secretary on a higher command.

3rd possibility is, that he was a General with some more stuff worn d the neck.

But I think to put a name on him will be quite difficult.

- No way to tell which Mecklenburg award was in 2nd place. Schwerin? Strelitz?

- Oldenburg rolls still unknown to me, maybe Kapitular is working on that

- Brunswick rolls do not exist.........

Best regards


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Aaargh... :banger: That set was on eBay and I didn't see it nor did someone offer it to me... :unsure:

The last ribbon is not a REO but Baden's 1902 reign jubilee medal. Nice set that I always liked, now moving from France to Sweden. If you're getting tired of it, fell free to e-mail me, please.


PS: Ah, Daniel again around? Thought your PC went to die finally... waiting for an e-mail, I think.. ;o)

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