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    Mongolian awards dates and numbers

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    Ok, here's the latest info update.

    For those who want I have nice little XL sheets combining all the info I have, sent me a PM with your email and I'll sent it to you.

    Order of the Red Labour Banner

    2845 awarded 1/12/1960

    3809 awarded 28/4/1980

    Order of Military Merit

    4836 awarded 15/7/1985 to Dar'zabii Tsalaankhuu

    6885 awarded 28/8/1995

    8068 awarded 9/8/1999

    Order of the Polar Star

    1162 awarded 17/10/1951

    6453 awarded 10/11/1956

    14292 awarded 3/6/1971

    Order for Mother's Glory 1st class

    33062 awarded 17/2/1979

    Order for Mother's Glory 2nd class

    39895 awarded 4/3/1964

    61823 awarded 8/2/1969

    145718 awarded 18/??/1985

    Honorary Labour Medal

    9393 awarded 13/11/1956

    11032 awarded 6/11/1956

    17040 awarded 7/7/1966

    23159 awarded 4/8/1976

    Friendship medal

    4086 awarded in 1971 to Willy Stoph President DDR

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    And there is more:

    Serial number new lows and highs

    Order of the red Combat Banner

    T1 new high 2789

    T1 3rd award new high 157

    T1 4th award new low 10 new high 83

    Medal for combat Service

    T1V2 new low 1795 (Screwback - cloth ribbon - hand engraved serial number NOT preceded by "N?")

    Honorary Labour medal

    T2V2 low 21874 high 36295 (Pinback - cloth ribbon - Cyrillic inscription - rotating tool serial number)

    Medal 40th anniv MPR

    new low 00876

    Friendship medal

    new high 11852

    Virginlands medal

    new low 00031

    Distinguished herdsman

    flatback variant low 4164 high 4431

    Distinguished Mongolian KGB employee

    new high 975

    Udarnik badge

    new high 4757

    That's all for today

    I hope this may be of use to you


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    Guest Rick Research

    :beer: And yet there seems always to be some "back and forth" on ALL of these, with higher numbers awarded before lower numbers... what a mess!!!

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    :beer: And yet there seems always to be some "back and forth" on ALL of these, with higher numbers awarded before lower numbers... what a mess!!!

    Although, they usually follow a quiet good chronology I must admit Polar Stars are particulary chaotic and now the Honorary Labour medal is going off the straight and narrow as well. :(

    Seeing that the problem only occurs with the civil (or mixed) awards, I suppose that a probable explanation might be, that batches of these awards were send to the different provinces and thus some were awarded, locally, before others. :speechless:


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    OK, I am still trying to sort these Mongolian things out, and losing, badly. In my latest effort, I have tried to come up with a sort of "checklist", by type, by serial numbers, and by date. This is VERY preliminary and I am sure very wrong in places. But I have reached a critical mass of confusion and wanted to share this delightful state with the brotherhood here.


    IPB ImageIPB Image

    Get the checklist: http://faculty.winthrop.edu/haynese/Mongol...20checklist.pdf

    (Cannot upload it here, sorry.)

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    I have gotten good off-list information from several of our forum's denizens, and shall be updating. Will do so when I get brave enough to think again about the Polar Star, that is!

    Hi Ed,

    This might interest you:


    Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. The President of Mongolia, Mr. N.Enkhbayar has presented the Chinggis decoration to the first Mongolian President P.Ochirbat. On June 24, 2005, the former President Mr. N.Bagabandi issued an order to present the decoration to Mr. P.Ochirbat for his valuable contribution to the strengthening the independence, sovereignty, and the national solidarity of Mongolia, the approval of the new Mongolian Constitution, the socio-economic reforms, the establishment of humanitarian and democratic civil society, the development of the national culture and tradition, and the promotion of foreign relations. This was the first ever presentation of the Chinggis decoration named as the Great Chinggis Khan created for the 800th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire. B. Bolortuya

    Also, in the list you compiled, there are a few mistakes that are copied from one of the first versions of a similar list I have compiled. I found out they were mistakes later, changed it on my list, but were apparantly never corrected on list of the person you got the info from.

    I will go into deeper detail later, but I can already say, that the type 2.1 of the Honorary Combat medal, (pinback / handengraved), is in my opinion inexistant and rather a type 1 with a new (repaired) pinback suspension. I've seen only 1 such award and the serial number makes no sense for a pinback, whereas Mongolian serial number ranges are usually fairly consistant.

    Anyway, thumbs up for the good work :jumping:


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    Honorary Labor Medal

    Type 1.1 (Ribboned screwback suspension; Uighur; SN with "No." prefix)

    Low = 214 High = 985

    Type 1.2.1 (Ribboned screwback suspension; Uighur; SN without prefix, seperately soldered ring)

    Low = 1569 High = 11953

    Type 1.2.2 (Ribboned screwback suspension; Uighur; SN with "No" prefix above the SN)

    Low = 10663 High = 10668

    Type 1.2.3 (Ribboned screwback suspension; Uighur; SN without prefix, ring part of the medal)

    Low = 12001 High = 16519

    Type 2.1 (Ribboned pinback suspension; Cyrillic; SN stamped)

    Low = 16785 High = 21354

    Type 2.2 (Ribboned pinback suspension; Cyrillic; SN rotating tool engraved)

    High = 35869

    Type 3 (Enameled pinback suspension; SN rotating tool engraved)

    Low = 737 High = 4892

    Type 4 (Enameled pinback suspension; SN rotating tool engraved; aluminum) IS THE SAME AS TYPE 3 , was a mistake from my part, there is no such thing as aluminum HLM's

    Medal for Selflessness/Medal for Distinction in Prodtecting Public Order

    Type 2.1 (Two red bands and one blue band; SN rotating tool engraved)

    High = 1232

    Hope this helps



    regarding the Honorary Labor Medal, the most recent type seems to be from aluminium. I guess, you have seen it on ebay too, right? ;)


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