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    Guest Rick Research

    It looks like

    "G(?)(i?) Bit(ter ? or ? ters or lters?)

    Hegemann zu den

    crone (Generallieut-

    enant)-- 31 M(?rz?) 1865.

    (?)17 (???) u. 1807."

    which appears to be the old spelling GERMAN rather than Danish.


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    From the Danish Court- and State Calender:

    Order of Dannebrog - Grand Cross:

    31. Marts 1865

    Hs. Excell. Cai Ditlev v. Hegermann-Lindencrone (D.M. 13/9 48), (S.Sv.1.), (N.St.O.1.), (R.St.A.1.), Generallieutnant a la suite, Kammerherre.

    which translates to something like:

    31. March 1865

    His Excellency Cai Ditlev v. Hegermann-Lindencrone (Dannebrog Silver Merit Cross 13/9 1848), (Swedish Order of the Sword - GC), (Norwegian Order of St. Olav - GC), (Russian Order of St. Anne - GC), Lieutenant-General a la suite, Chamberlain.

    He was born on 17/5 1807 (died 1893).


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    Guest Rick Research

    Just imagine-- something THAT delicate and "flimsy" is still around 143 years later-- long after HE has gone to dust!!!!

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    I wouldn't call it standard, but it occurs.

    The most common variety is the stars without any text at all, followed by the ones with the makers name (and address) and then the ones with notes of the recipient.

    The latter was done by the recipients themselves (i.e. it wasn't official practice).


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    ... an interesting badge. Last time it appeared on an international auction was at Andreas Thies' 29th auction where it was carefully described as "Stiftsorden des Dom- oder Kollegiatstiftes zu Krakau" and was valued at 3000 euro. It was unsold!

    Through times it have appeared several times and it seems that the description originates from the 1970ies where it was listed in one of Graf Klenaus auction catalogues with an approximate description as above.

    But before you get excited I can reveal that it is Danish and masonic. It's the badge of a lodge called "The Chain" and I can probably find more info if needed. You see them from time to time on fleamarkets for $ 20-40.

    Regarding your tinsel Star I can add that a book was published in 2001 by Jan Ren? Westh about the Danish tinsel Stars, the different makers, types, inscriptions etc.

    You can find more info on: http://www.omsd.dk/ordenshis_forlag/ordfor_forside.htm

    Rgds, Lars

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    I'm sure that 3000 Euros would be great, but I also suspect that the collector bought it for $10-20 in a flea market when he was posted to Copenhagen. Maybe Thies would pay 1500 to resell it (I have two versions available)!

    Thanks for the information.

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