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Help requested on identification of W?rttemberg General

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I bought this wonderful Tellgmann pic on E-bay, two weeks ago, and would much appreciate your help in identifying the W?rttemberg general shown, and in decyphering the dedication in the dreaded S?tterlin script. I can make out a reference to IR 83 and what appears to be "General der Infanterie", but even with the S?tterlin chart in hand, cannot decypher much more. :speechless:

Your help is appreciated!



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Sigh. Once again I sing the Lament Of The No Epson Scanner Song-- since that would have produced full screen images at a fraction of the KB size.

Obverse inscription

"s.l. Duckwitz z. frd. Er. an die Hundertj?hrfeier IR 83 Wallm?ller"


"General der Infanterie Frh. v. Soden bei dem ich Batls Adjutant war."

Centenary of Inf Rgt 83 was in 1913.

Sender of photo is on left of trio--

Hauptmann 15.09.04 J4i Hans-Karl Wallm?ller, born 1868, here wearing Red Eagle 4, XXV, 1897, and Waldeck Merit Cross 4. Transferred later in the same year or early 1914 to Inf Rgt 25, and retired as an Oberstleutnant (EH2bX, SA3aX etc) having served during the war as Adjutant of Reinforcements for the Staff of Government Antwerp.

Recipient of photo was FORMER regimental colleague

Edmund Duckwitz (born 1874) who in 1913 was serving as Hauptmann 19.11.09 M in Inf Rgt 161. He received HOH3X etc and retired as Major aD, commander of Res Inf Rgt 236. That is possibly Duckwitz on the right, since the awards match his in 1913-- 1897 and WVK4.

Franz Freiherr von Soden (1856-1945) was a W?rttemberger, so not sure what his connection to IR 83 was. He was already retired in 1913. Called back for WW1 as Commander of Vth Reserve Corps (WM2, WM3 etc).

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seinem lieben Duckwitz zur freundlichen Erinnerung

an die hundertj?hr.(ige) f?rs I.R. 83

General der Infanterie (Franz) Frh. v. Soden, bei dem ich Batallions Adjudant war.


Best regards, :cheers:


upps :rolleyes: - ok the other are faster! :beer:

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General der Infanterie Frhr. v. Soden commanded I./83 from 21 April 1898 until 29 May 1900. Edmund Duckwitz was his battalion Adjutant.



Thank you very much, Glenn, I will add this to the fact sheet for this pic.



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