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Ukrainian police?

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The attached was described as being Ukrainian police from the WWII period. I'd be grateful for any information confirming the nationality and organisation and also anything on the rank. This is as clear as the detail gets - the detail on the cap insignia isn't any more visible on the original.

My references on this sort of organisation are a bit limited - are there any good ones (internet or books?)



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Have looked through the Ukrainien section of David Littlejohns 'Foreign Legions of the Third Reich' volume 4 but cant find any similarities in the uniform shown. The Ukrainien badges seem to usually feathure the 'trident' in them somewhere which is either missing from your man or is obscured. Sorry cant be of more help.

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hrvatsko domobranstvo-home guard,regular army of indepence state of croatia

indepence state of croatia-nezavisna dr?ava hrvatska

this small button whit AP letters wearing ustasha fighters

AP is Ante Pavelic-fuhrer of NDH

ustasha fighters are elite party army like SS in germany

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