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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch: :speechless1: THAT shrubbery must have been intended for a 25mm ribbon-- I've never seen one THAT size before!!! :cheers:

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    Guest Rick Research

    The General in #13 is Max von Hartlieb genannt von Walsporn (1883-1959) from his awards. Not sure of the Bavarian next to him, since the peacetime Orders are so skewed other than the Prussian Crown 4 in the middle of a ? Mecklenburg Griffin and ? in 3rd after those two I'm not sure what he's wearing. Tried the Rechsheer lists for BMV4X and KO4 with "two something elses?"

    VERTY bad naughty Luftwaffe Major just above, wearing BAD silly stupid unauthorized EK mini device on his ribbon bar. can you get his WW1 awards ribbons any clearer? Might be able to identify him if I could tell what the 2nd and 3rd ribbons are.

    Who's the kid with the Pour le Merite?

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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch: Really? What on earth is an old INFANTRY St Henry winner doing in the Luftwaffe zV???? Is that a CROWN the naughty man is wearing on his St Henry ribbon? :speechless1:

    I've never seen Ernst that young looking or that pose-- a younger Junge J?nger.

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