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    Werner, Nice post and I remember Tony fondly. I was get getting to know him when he took ill. I first meet him in Gunzenhausen around 2001 when a group of us went to an Italian resturant in Gunzenhausen. Maybe you were there.

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    He was a true Gentleman. I only knew him via cyberspace, but he certainly enjoyed chatting about imperial items.

    He would have loved the GMIC.

    All three of those bars are just stunning. You are a very lucky man to have them (esp. the 2nd one-WOW!!).

    RIP Mr. Colson and thanks for all you did .

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    Hello WNickel,

    Thank you for a very thoughtful thread. Those of us who knew Tony will always

    miss and never forget him. Personally, of the several which I bought from Tony

    over the twenty years that I knew him, the first piece that always comes to mind is...

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    Tony was always a pleasure to be around and has been sorely missed at the shows and conventions. Guys like Tony, as well as Neal O'Connor, George Seymour and Eric Ludvigsen always made it worth the trip even when the hunting wasn't so good.

    One of Tony's groups - by way of Phil Mitchell.

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    almost ten years ago I came into touch with Tony Colson. Because he wanted to write an essay about a German colonel named Anders who fought at Tsingtao 1914 and was imprisoned into a Japanese POW-camp.

    Does anybody know if Tony has accomplised this work?


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