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    Hi Marcin,

    in August 1912 there was a Kaiserman?ver from the III. AK und XII. (I. K?niglich S?chsisches) Armee-Korps.

    I think I see (infantery-) spikes on the helmets (with saxon-plates), so (maybe) following units are possible:

    23. Division (1. K?niglich S?chsische): IR100, Gren.R.101, F?s.R.108, IR182

    32. Division (3. K?niglich S?chsische): IR102, IR103, IR177, IR178

    There was also a maneuver in the year 1912 around Gotha (M?hlhausen-Erfurt-Meiningen-Rotenburg, Th?ringen)

    But I don't know from which Armeekorps (maybe it was the same Kaiser-maneuver from august 1912 ???) :rolleyes:

    Normaly in this area the XI. Armeekorps wearing the Gilt-Line-Eagle or the "FUERST"-Gilt-Line-Eagle with Wappen.

    But all Infantry Regiments 101 through 107, 133, 134, 139, 177 through 179, 181, 182 are possible.?

    Best regards, :cheers:


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    There were not many Johanniter Rechtsritter in the Saxon Infantry in 1912.

    Here are the two I found:

    Oberst Georg v. Gersdorff of Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 104

    Oberstleutnant Traugott Graf v. Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth of Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 133



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    Guest Rick Research

    The poor jiggled focus on this doesn't help. IF this had been of ONE identified unit there would be SOME hope but these officers could be from every single regiment in their Corps... and the image is BLURRED badly.

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    Hmm, yes, there is a short description on the back

    "Sachsen Zeithain 1912"

    Zeithain was the training ground for XIX. Armee-Korps, so i think the picture was made during manoevers ath this place. That would also fit with the units IR 104 and 133.

    Regards Stefan

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